9 reasons why a manufactured home is better than a traditional home

It is possible to have your next manufactured home. It is versatile, unique, durable, and easy to manufacture. There are no unexpected costs.

1. Less time

Modular homes aren’t required to be built for years or even decades. They can be set up in as little as five months. This is a great time saver, especially if your modular home is being rented or sold. Because multiple tasks can be coordinated, the earthworks and foundation work can all be done simultaneously without having to be aware of weather conditions.

2. A tailored suit.

His greatest asset is his versatility. While companies offer a standard range of versions, quality, and prices, you have the option to design it to your specifications. You can also buy it empty or all-inclusive, with appliances or cabinets, and decorated. Many companies offer a landscaping service that can design your garden, implement a smart home automation system or help you find the right plot.

3. Unique design

A modern concrete structure can be transformed into a rustic design that blends with the mountain’s natural beauty. Prefabricated houses are part of a new architecture that is sophisticated, beautiful, and versatile in many locations. They don’t have to be like the traditional ‘jack, horse and king’.

4. Requirements

Yes, you have purchased a tract of land that can be developed. They can be lifted in any place that you choose, but it doesn’t mean they don’t meet all requirements or permits. You can also request a mortgage as if the home were a traditional one. This type of construction also allows you to choose the materials and components according to the requirements of the site and the climate

5. Best price

There are many models to choose from: very affordable for 60,000. / 80,000 Euros up to more than 1,000,000. However, when you consider the advantages of terms and an industrial process that cancels out the possibility of overruns, these models have lower financial costs. They also offer quality, sustainable houses at a lower price.

6. Of quality and exclusive

This system is made in workshops. The same process ensures that there are greater quality controls which, in turn, result in higher architectural design. You can think of the wooden home. We are dealing with a design that uses high-quality materials and has an original design.

7. Sustainable and efficient

It is modular and sustainable. However, this type of building is more efficient at managing construction waste, has less impact on the site of implantation, as well as better energy management. This, combined with the right choice of materials and air conditioning systems with effective water treatment and good acoustic insulation, reduces the environmental footprint and makes it a more efficient model.

8. There are no surprises or unanticipated

Because you have complete control, they offer greater savings. It is not only cost-effective, but it also avoids unexpected costs and new items that are often included in the manufacture of a traditional home.

9. Low emotional cost

You can say goodbye to stress from endless construction delays and mishaps in conventional manufacturing. You will be a blessing to your new neighbors, who will no longer have to deal with the noise for many months.

10. There are many ways to grow

Imagine being able to add another room as you need it. This building allows you to grow as your family grows, or when your needs change. For example, the house office. These modules can be combined in certain situations to make the building more functional.

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