8 apps that help organize and manage time for those who need to adapt to the home office

by Alex Musk

Spread of COVID-19 increases the number of remote workers worldwide. We separate apps that can help manage this task.

Thousands of People need to adapt to the routine of corporate activities, leaving their offices to make their homes new workstations. To reduce the chances of contamination and proliferation of COVID-19, entire teams are assembled remotely to keep the business active with top android rats. However, working from home requires discipline and organization of time.

Changing the routine in itself is already a challenge, especially for those who share the quarantine space with their family. Some teams already work with remote employees, which favors the adaptation and management of activities, however, many need to face the home office for the first time. To assist in this mission there are numerous tools, many free, available online in the market. We have separated some of these applications that can help you and your team in managing time and activities.


Collaborative project management tool that can be edited by several people involved in the demand. In the form of lists, composed of cards, the activities are easily editable and moved within the project management boards. In these cards it is possible to add members for activity, checklist, bookmarks, attach files and make comments. It does not need to be installed and can be used via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer browsers. It can also be accessed through Google Play, iTunes, Windows 8 and Kindle Fire apps. Although it has tools with paid access, the tool is free.


This tool helps in group communication from the cloud, reducing the accumulation of emails. The application allows easy monitoring of jobs and deadlines. It helps teams with tasks, projects, conversations and notifications, so that the manager can track the results and progress of projects from start to finish. It is available in web version and apps for Android and iOS. As with most management tools, you can try the tool for free and subscribe to premium services.


This app helps you understand where the user spends most of their time. The tool analyzes in the background the time spent on each website on desktop or mobile. With intuitive panels, the user can analyze where he has spent the most time and even block certain sites that hinder productivity. It is also possible to create alerts for limited time management of some sites. Perfect for those who are easily distracted, especially in different working conditions they are used to.


If some of these “distractions” are important, but you can’t waste time at that moment, this tool can be useful for you. Pocket helps you manage your readings. It is possible to save texts, videos and files to read later, even offline, so you can save the material throughout the day, with just one click (from your cell phone or browser) and choose a suitable time that does not interfere with your productivity for pay attention to these materials. Access the web version or download the apps for Android, iOS, and other devices


An instant messaging platform. Similar to Microsoft Teams, the business communication platform is focused on organizing the communication of groups and subgroups of work, making it possible for two or more people to contact, organized by projects or work themes. It is an alternative to long email boxes, where you can also add files, save relevant information or organize work channels to facilitate communication between those involved in the project.


This tool helps to control time in activities and projects. With a timer to be activated at the click of a button, the app filters tasks by adding clients, projects and tags. The more you use the tool, the better you are able to manage and plan your own time, because at the end of each project you can see a graph that easily shows the time dedicated to that demand. Toggl allows tracking user’s online applications and also allows the formation of teams of up to 5 people. This is also the limit for the free package, available online and in mobile versions for Android and iOS.


This application is practical and simple to use and can be easily accessed by cell phone to save files, images and texts. It is a very useful tool for those who work from home and have greater difficulty mentally disconnecting from work. Shut down the computer, but ideas keep flowing? Evernote works like a scratchpad, a safe place to save messages for yourself, ideas and lists that can’t be forgotten. Available online, for Android, iOS and Microsoft.


If you still have trouble focusing with so many distractions when working from home, this productivity countdown timer connects with different tools to enhance your task management system. Using techniques like Pomodoro, known for increasing efficiency and productivity, he also applies the timebox methodology to Todoist, Trello, Wunderlist, Asana, Evernote, Slack, Microsoft To-Do and Microsoft Outlook Tasks, Google Calendar, etc. The application is free, but to use more advanced tools there is the Premium paid package.


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