71 Incredible Things Dolly Parton Has Said, Done, or Sung

by Alex Musk

In the US there is no monarchy, but if there is a queen (of country ), that is her. Dolly Parton has been honored at the last Grammy gala as an icon of the genre with a performance led by Miley Cyrus (her goddaughter), Little Big Town, Katy Perry, Maren Morris and Kacey Musgraves . At 73 years old, the diva is still at the top. This is a list of seventy-one things that she has said, done, worn or sung to win our love.


While in many towns in the US they have a statue of their founder in front of City Hall, do you know what is in front of the town hall of his hometown, Sevierville (Tennessee)? A bronze statue of Dolly .


He started working at the age of ten playing guitar at a local station. And, according to her, she hasn’t stopped doing it ever since.


She has displayed a tremendous sense of humor since her inception: the first song on her first album, Hello I’m Dolly , was called Dumb Blonde . Curiously, it is one of the few songs that he has interpreted that are not his own, since he composes almost all his songs.


Precisely Dumb Blonde was his first performance on the Porter Wagoner program, the most important country show in the country. Porter saw a jewel in her and became her mentor .


Like the lives of many other country singers , Dolly’s was not easy. In her album De Ella My Tennessee Mountain Home de Ella talks about her childhood: she lived in a small house in the mountains with her eleven siblings and her parents De Ella. 


He wrote two of his biggest hits, Jolene and I Will Always Love You , on the same afternoon in 1973 .


In addition to her breasts, Dolly’s hairstyle is another of her hallmarks: ” If a friend ever tells you that you have bad hair, get rid of her ,” she said.


She is quite the recognized lover of wigs and is constantly making jokes about it. In an interview, when asked how long it takes to get her voluminous hairstyle done, she replied, “ How would I know? If I’m never there!”


One of his best phrases is this: ” You’d be surprised how expensive it is to look that cheap “


And she has also said, “ Really, I’m just the girl next door. As long as you have an amusement park next door .”


Unlike other country divas, who are much more moralistic in their songs, Dolly has always defended the role of women in her lyrics, for example in her song Just because I’m a woman . “ Yes, I’ve made my mistakes / But listen and understand / My mistakes are no worse than yours / Just because I’m a woman ” ( Yes , I’ve made my mistakes / But listen and understand me / My mistakes are no worse than yours / Just because I’m a woman )


This year she will celebrate 50 years of marriage. She met her husband in Nashville when she was just 18 years old and they were married at 20 .


Dolly Parton’s biggest secret is precisely her husband, Carl Dean, of whom hardly any photos have been seen, he never accompanies Dolly on tour and lives isolated on the farm they both own in Tennessee . The press speculated for years that it didn’t even exist.


However, rumors about Dolly’s supposed romances, with Burt Reynolds or Silvester Stallone, for example, have been constant throughout her career. “ I love to flirt and I have never met a man that I did not like ”, She has said about it.


You may already know that I will allways love you , the song from The Bodyguard , is originally a Parton theme. What you may not know is that this is not a romantic love song: Dolly was dedicating it to her mentor, Porter Wagoner, when she decided to end her professional relationship and go it alone. From her.


It cost Parton more than $600,000 to get out of Wagoner’s show, with whom she had signed an exclusive contract. Years later they buried the hatchet and it was common for him to take it up on stage at his concerts and sing the song to it.


I will always love you has entered the charts in four different decades. Dolly’s version was released in the 1970s, when she originally recorded it, and in the 1980s, as part of the soundtrack to the film The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas . Whitney Houston’s was in the nineties (one of the best-selling singles of the decade, by the way) and in 2012, after her death.


Although at first there was talk of a certain resentment on the part of Dolly with the success of Houston, over the years she has said that she likes the version. “ She has made me earn a lot of money ”, She clarified about it.


And the culprit of everything was Elvis Presley. The king of rock tried to record a version of the song, but in order to do so, Dolly had to give up a large part of his royalties from it from then on. The artist refused, although she assures that she cried because she was a big fan of Elvis, and years later she recorded for The Bodyguard under the terms that suited her. The rest is history.


It is not known exactly how much money Dolly has made from royalties from I Will Always Love You , but she has gone so far as to say that the money has allowed her to buy “ a lot of cheap wigs ”.


As a good American diva, Dolly has several albums with Christmas songs . And her covers of her leave those of Mariah Carey as an example of minimalism.


Jolene , in which a woman begs another not to take her husband away, has been covered by groups as disparate as the punk bands The Sisters of Mercy or The White Stripes. Even by Miley Cyrus on her last tour. By the way, it is one of the most difficult songs to sing in karaoke . We have tested it.


Jolene has already inspired a film, starring Jessica Chastain, in which the love story is told from the point of view of the “other”, Jolene.


Although Dolly has no children, the large family is in her genes. Her father Robert hers came from a family of 15 siblings. And her mother, Avie, of one of 10.


She is the godmother of Miley Cyrus. And she has always defended her. “ She has had to take drastic measures to try to say something important: Leave me alone. I’m not Hannah Montana anymore. I want to grow up “, he has said of her.


In fact, she even had a recurring role on her series , Hannah Montana , where she was ‘Aunt Dolly’.


His personal seal is a butterfly and one of his nicknames is ‘The Iron Butterfly’, due to his ability to combine his bizarre image and his successful businesses.


Dolly is a pop icon . And not because we say so, Warhol said so when portraying her in his works Of him.


Precisely Warhol interviewed her for his Interview magazine in 1984 . And they had crazy conversations like this:

ANDY WARHOL: How many lipsticks do you have?

DOLLY PARTON: Just one, but it’s as big as a can of hairspray.


or like this:

WARHOL: Have you ever been to the White House?

DOLLY: Sure, with a bunch of different presidents. There’s nothing better than a little white trash in the White House.


“Many people have said that my career would have been better if it hadn’t seemed so cheap and ordinary. But I dress as it is more comfortable for me and no one should be blamed because they like to be beautiful, “he has come to comment on her image.


In 1978 he gave an interview to Playboy. In it she let it be seen that she was much more than a dumb blonde and she set her own rules: she would be one of the few bunnies who posed fully clothed.


During the 1980s, Dolly made several films, including How to Eliminate Your Boss (In the US it was titled _9 to 5) _. The song she recorded for the soundtrack was her first number 1 on the pop charts. That is, outside of the limited country market.


In 1984 he starred alongside Silvester Stallone in Rhinestone. Although it has not gone down in history, it was a change in Dolly’s life: Stallone put her on a diet and got the wasp waist that she still wears today.


His foray into the cinema furthest from the role of country singer was in Steel Magnolias (1989), in which he shared scenes with Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, Daryl Hannah or Julia Roberts.


Dolly the sheep, the first successfully cloned animal, was named after her. The reason? Scientists gave her that name because the cell from which Dolly was cloned came from the mammary gland of the original animal. Okay, they actually put it on as a tribute to Dolly’s huge breasts. But she is probably the only singer to appear in the history books of science.


During his long career he has recorded numerous duets. One with Julio Iglesias himself, with whom she covered Diana Ross ‘s When You Tell Me That You Love Me .


One of his biggest hits is precisely a duet with Kenny Rogers, Islands in the Stream. It has been considered one of the best of pop and is one of her few successes in Spain.


However, the singer has never performed in our country, where country songs rarely climb the charts. And if not, think about when Taylor Swift began to be heard in Spain: when she stopped doing country music.


Legend has it that she has $600,000 in insurance for her breasts. 300,000 each.


Although her parents were very religious, Parton does not attend church regularly, but she has recorded gospel songs. Christian fundamentalists don’t seem to like it too much: “All these fine Christian people who seem to think they know what God wants for everyone… Now that’s a sin. Judging people is one of the greatest sins there is.”


However, she is one of the few divas capable of pleasing the American LGBT community and religious groups. In addition, she has never manifested herself politically.


Another of her milestones is that the Sesame Street program created a character in her likeness: Polly Darton, who made versions of her to teach children to count or the name of vegetables.


Do you want numbers? He has seven Grammy Awards, has had 42 top ten hits on the country charts and more than 100 singles on the charts.


His fortune is estimated at more than 500 million dollars. To give you an idea, it’s about five times that of Taylor Swift.


During his more than 50 years as a singer , he has recorded more than 3,000 songs.


She has had two Oscar nominations as a songwriter. The first for 9 to 5 in 1981 and the second, in 2006, for her song De Ella Travelin Thru, composed for the film TransAmerica. As an actress, she has been nominated twice for the Golden Globes.


In 1987 he recorded the Trio album with two other legendary country singers, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris. The album was a great success and was nominated for best album of the year at the Grammys along with Michael Jackson, U2, Prince and Whitney Houston. Years later they recorded Trio II.


Dolly has had no children. A few years ago she even said that, when she was approaching menopause, she became depressed when she realized that she would never be a mother. However, today she talks about it without a problem and assures that both she and her husband are happy about it. “ Everything would have been different. She probably wouldn’t be a star.”


Dolly is probably the only artist in the world with an amusement park of her own: Dollywood . Located in the mountains of Tennessee, it is the main tourist attraction in the entire state.


But his eagerness for the tourism market does not stop there. Next to Dollywood it already has a hotel-spa, called Dream Resort, and a water park. In addition, it has already announced its intentions to open new Dollywoods around the world.


She has had her own musical: 9 to 5 , based on the movie of the same name but with new songs written by her. It premiered in Los Angeles in 2008, went on to Broadway and London but had a short run.


Also, in 1978 he became one of the few people in the world to have his own pinball! As you can imagine, today it is a very expensive collector’s item.


For years she had her own line of wigs designed by herself and a line of Revlon cosmetics.


His television production company, Sandollar Television, created one of the most successful series of the 1990s: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


His production company was also responsible for some 1990s blockbusters like the comedy Father of the Bride , starring Steve Martin.


Dolly’s American bust size is 40DD. The truth is that it is very difficult for us to do the equivalence, but look at any photo of yours and get an idea.


In 2008 he had to postpone one of his tours due to back problems. How did he take it? With humour, of course. “Hey, you try to take these puppies for a while and see if you don’t have back problems, ” she told the press.


In the 70s, he starred in this memorable skit with Cher: in conversation they only use song titles. 


Perhaps Dolly’s best quotes are about her breasts: “I’m in show business. I treat my boobs like they’re horses or show dogs. You have to keep them groomed.”


“I was the first woman to burn her bra… It took the firefighters four days to put it out.” Yes, they definitely are.


“There’s a heart under these boobs and a brain under the wig.” Thanks Dolly.


She has appeared on The Simpsons playing herself. In the chapter she got Homer and his friends out of jail by melting the bars of the cell with her makeup remover.


In December of last year, NBC premiered a film about his childhood titled, after one of his songs, Coat of Many Colors. The premiere was such a success, with more than 15.6 million viewers being the most watched on the network in the last four years, that they repeated it less than a week later, at Christmas.


NBC will broadcast two other movies inspired by his songs. The next? Jolene.


Currently one of her priorities is philanthropy: she distributes more than 2.5 million free books to children through her foundation Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.


According to her own account, a few years ago she appeared as a joke in a contest of drag queens who imitated her…. And she lost! “Apparently there is someone who is more like me than I am,” she said.


One of his most massive performances was in 2014 at the Glastonbury festival, where he performed in front of more than 100,000 fans. To give you an idea, that is, more or less, the entire population of the city of Orense.


Do you know when he is having more success than ever in his concert? Now! His latest tours have toured the US, Europe and Australia and have brought him more than 30 million dollars in profits each.


Seventy years is a long time, but if you are afraid that Dolly will retire, you can calm down: “I intend to work until I drop. I would love to be like Bob Hope and Betty White and like those people who work until they’re 90, 100 years old. I have no intention of retiring.”


And after so many years in the industry and with the status of a living legend, she is very clear about who her idol is: a 28-year-old girl. 

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