7 Steps to Clean Your Leather Shoes

by David Mary
Leather Shoe

It is said that your shoes are the reflection of your personality. The most difficult task for a person is to wash and clean his shoes. There are many companies providing dry cleaning in Dubai and laundry services for your shoes. If you want to wash your shoes on your own, pick the best leather shoe cleaner and some tools.

What do I need?

For best results, you need to wash your shoes with quality products and cleaners. Some of the products that you will need are:

  • Cleaning brush: aid to remove the dust and soil adhere to your shoe grooves and curves.
  • Form applying brush: it is a soft brush that is used to apply combi form
  • Combi form: it is used to remove stains on the shoes.
  • Polish: a good quality shoe polish to make your shoes shine brighter.
  • Protector: a shoe protecting spray is used at the end to shield it from dust and water
  • Cleaning cloth: a soft cloth is required for your shoes to shine better.

Washing shoes with soap is the easiest method to clean shoes from stains and dust but these effective products can enhance the shelf-life of your shoes.

Steps to clean your shoes

  1. The first step is to remove the laces of the shoes so that shoes can be cleaned properly between the lace area. If you do not remove the laces they may get stained by the shoe polish you use. The shoelaces can be cleaned separately with soap.
  2. Clean the dust with brushes suitable for the type of your shoes. Try to remove dust on a regular basis because it can cause cracks on the leather of the shoe.
  3. Dry cleaning in Dubai will not use water with soap to clean your shoes, but if you are doing it at home, you must choose proper soap on the basis of the type of your shoe material. You can use combi foam or the best leather shoe cleaner.
  4. After rubbing the soap on the shoe surface, don’t forget to wash the soap off, or remove it by using a fine cloth.
  5. After washing the dirt and stains from the shoe, the next step is to polish your shoes and brighten their color and appearance. Apply polish in a circular manner, this will protect the leather from damage.
  6. Let the polish settle on the shoe surface for some time. Then use a fine and smooth cloth to give a final shine.
  7. At the end of the process, use a spray protector for your leather shoes. Choose a good quality protector that will give a soft textured and waterproof surface to your shoes.


We often see people wandering around with dirty and stained shoes. This will impact a bad impression in society and the workplace. If dressing properly is important then bright shiny shoes are equally important. Dry cleaning in Dubai offers shoe cleaning services, but if you are willing to clean your shoes by yourself then you must buy the best leather shoe cleaner in the market and follow the proper steps.

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