6 Kitchen Interior Design Tips to Consider for Your Home

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kitchen interior design

Renovating your kitchen? You may have tons of ideas in your head right now. But before you head to the kitchen product store, be clear about your needs, goals, and priorities. It’s easy to overspend without a checklist. Consider these kitchen interior design ideas to stay on track. 

Plan for strategic storage

Not all homes have the luxury of space. Regardless of your kitchen’s square footage, prioritise storage. Be sure that there’s a place for all your belongings. Make full use of drawers under countertops. Make the most out of your backsplash and put in as much storage as possible. As you organise items, think about usage. Keep items you’ll likely need within arm’s reach. For instance, place the cookware sets near the stove and the cleaning supplies near the kitchen sink taps

Choose low-maintenance and durable fixtures

Kitchen renovations can be costly. It’s okay to spend a little more on areas that you’ll use heavily if that means you’ll be enjoying high returns on your investment. Choose kitchen fixtures that will stand the test of time. Stainless steel kitchen sinks, for example, can be good investments for a busy household. They’re easy-to-clean, reliable, hygienic, and versatile. You can choose one that fits a small kitchen or one that allows you to multitask. 

Free up floor space. 

No matter the size of your kitchen, be sure there’s enough space for you to move around with ease. As you take back floor space, position items with convenience and safety in mind. If you have kids, you’ll want the stove to be away from direct foot traffic. The fridge, on the other hand, should be easily accessible to both kitchen workers and passersby.

Always take note of measurements

Save time and money by keeping in mind the dimensions of your kitchen. You don’t want your fridge, cookware, or even your stainless steel kitchen sinks to be in an awkward position. There should be enough space for all their parts to fit in properly and also to prevent premature wear and accidents. 

Be flexible. 

Have an open mind when designing your kitchen. There’s no hard and fast rule as to the right shape and layout. The suitable choices vary per household. If you’re working with a contractor, be honest about your needs and the budget you’re looking at. Your kitchen should support your everyday routine. Satisfy your personal needs first before thinking about onlookers. 

Don’t be afraid of colors. 

It’s okay to add printed tiles, change wall paints, or use colorful rugs. If you want to make your kitchen look more fun, you can start with small additions first. Once you already have a feel of how it’ll turn out, then you can proceed to make bigger changes. Also, decor and furniture don’t always have to match. You can be as creative as you want as long as all the details work together in the end. 

As you work on your kitchen’s interior design, put your needs first. Choose fixtures, appliances, and furniture carefully. Don’t scrimp on the important parts and allow yourself to be a little playful. Seek advice from kitchen product experts to ensure you’re making the right decisions, the first time. 

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