6 amazing cd jackets printing hacks that will make your product viral

by Emma Meaghan
CD Jackets

To increase charisma, printing is focused a lot. High-quality graphic images are displayed using the most modern commercial printers. The latest available OMS and CMYK color schemes are used to make the colors rich and vibrant. Printing is made more interesting by adding several effects that made the surface of these jackets more shiny, smooth, and soft.

They are coated and laminated with high-end finishing materials for this purpose. These materials are gloss, matte, spot UV, matte UV, varnish, and aqueous coating. Different customization options like embossing, die-cutting, foiling, scoring, and gluing can also be used to make them more appealing.

For the years, we are using CD’s to protect our sensitive data. All of them look alike in shape and size. The only way to distinguish them from each other is custom printed CD jackets techniques. Printing needs to be made more creative and enticing to make more sales of your games, software, songs, album, movies, and much more. Here are some of the hacks by which you can make them viral quickly.

Custom Printed CD Covers

Focus On Design:

To make a product more catchy and appealing, a unique design has core importance. To make the printed CD jackets viral overnights, the design has to be focused more than any other aspect. There are thousands of unique designs that can make the product more appealing. An attractive design attracts people of every age due to the potential that it holds.

To make the design more attractive and appealing, real high-quality graphics from the content of the CD should be displayed on the jacket. The design should not match the existing products available in the stores; else, it can lose the distinctiveness. A unique design will make the product more visible, and hence the more customer engagement chances will be there.

Custom Printed CD Covers 01

Add Alluring Effects:

Though simple printing can effectively make the CD’s more attractive and unique, there are some ways by which printable CD sleeves can be made more enticing to the customers. Adding the maximum effects to the printing is quite useful in this regard. To add these effects, these covers are coated and laminated internally and externally with the help of high-quality finishing materials. Some of these finishing materials are gloss, matte, spot UV, matte UV, varnish, and aqueous coating.

To make their surface more plain and smooth, high-quality gloss is used. These materials add more value to the products, and sales can be increased in no time. There are some effects like embossing, debossing, silver, and gold foiling that can make them more attention-grabbing and unique among the other products displayed in a retail store. 

Custom Printed CD Covers 02

Target The Audience:

Targeting the right audience with the help of CD jackets printing is more necessary than doing anything else. It makes them dedicated to the buyers who love certain products to be included in their collection list. Targeting the audience in different ways makes it easier for both customers to find those products that are exactly matching their requirements and interests.

The packaging should clearly exhibit what is inside it so that buyers can buy them with increased confidence. It can be possible by displaying the alluring texts with multiple fonts. These fonts should be used in a balanced way so that packaging should not look so much overwhelming. You can define the category and type of the content preserved in the product to make it easier for customers to find and buy them. 

Custom Printed CD Covers 03

Define The Product:

Defining a product is much important in every industry. For example, if a brand is focusing on using eco-friendly elements, then it is necessary to define on the printed CD jackets that its packaging is made of pure eco-friendly materials. In the same way, defining the content of the CD is also important as buyers can judge the content easily. Imagine a CD containing a song album from a specific band;

if the whole music playlist is not defined on the packaging, then how a customer can know the contents quickly. In the same way, if the whole product is defined clearly that what the contents are in it and who has played the lead roles in this song album or movie, then it is easier for the buyers to make a purchase decision quickly. The selection of fonts can also play a vital role in this regard.

Custom Printed CD Covers 04

Use CMYK And Pantone Models:

CD jackets printing has been evolved over the years, and different latest available printing techniques are being used in this regard. Earlier the technology was not that advanced, and printing was also not so much colorful. This was not adding much value to the products.

Now with the changing trends, technology has also evolved, and the latest color schemes have been introduced that can be used in the commercial printers to add charisma in the printing. The most famous color schemes among them are the CMYK and Pantone models. They are the combination of different colors that collectively can increase the exposure of the product. CMYK consists of just four colors, and upon mixing with each other, they can produce every needed color to meet the requirements of the printing.

Custom Printed CD Covers 05

Choose Enticing Colors And Illustration:

Choosing the best colors and illustrations that exactly matches the theme of the content preserved in the printed CD jackets. Colors have more value than any other element associated with the printing of the product’s packaging. Enticing and seductive colors can influence the mood of the buyers, and they can make a quick purchase decision on this basis.

Also, on the jacket of the CD, the unique illustrations play a much important role in representing the type of data preserved in them. These illustrations indicate the quality of the product. Different enticing color combinations can be made by using CMYK color schemes. They can produce a lot of colors. Using those colors in a balanced way is the key to success.

These were the best practices to make the CD jackets printing more attractive and appealing. By adopting these practices, customer engagement can be raised to a maximum level, and sales can be increased quite effectively. Finding the experts to implement the above-mentioned techniques for this purpose is the key to success.

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