50 cc motorcycle insurance, which one do I need?

by Alex Musk
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The 50 cc motorcycles are an excellent option to move easily through urban areas. This class of mopeds cannot exceed 45 km/h and can be used from the age of 15, without the need for a driving license (although they do have the so-called AM license). However, they also require specific insurance that covers possible damages resulting from traffic accidents or other mishaps.

50 cc motorcycle insurance must be adapted to the peculiar characteristics and needs of users of this class of vehicle. In this sense, it must be considered that these are not motorcycles made to travel on the road, but rather for urban and short trips. Due to this, the protection needs are less than those that other vehicles may require, and, therefore, their insurance coverage is also usually less.

50 cc motorcycle insurance

Insurance for 50 cc motorcycles is designed to respond for the insured in the event of an accident, whether with or without third parties involved and offer both legal and health assistance. Despite its small cylinder capacity, this type of motorcycle also needs to have compulsory civil liability insurance to be able to circulate. In fact, if you drive them without insurance, in addition to endangering your integrity, you can be fined between 600 and 3,500 euros.

On the other hand, it could be thought that being less powerful vehicles, the price of 50 cc motorcycle insurance would also be lower. However, this is not so. On the contrary, they usually involve a relatively high price, which is due to the high accident rate that the statistics reflect in relation to this class of vehicle. It should not be forgotten that a large number of moped drivers are young people with little experience and that this type of motorcycle is usually the first motor vehicle for many of them. All this translates into less skill and, therefore, a greater risk of accidents. Hence this is a higher price than 50 cc motorcycle insurance usually has.

Covers for 50 cc motorcycles

As we have just seen, insuring a 50 cc motorcycle is an essential condition for it to be able to circulate on public roads. The insurance in these cases must cover, at least, the mandatory civil liability. Still, 50cc scooter insurance can include many other guarantees. The list of such coverages will depend on the type of insurance contracted and the company with which it is subscribed. Among the most common would be the following:

  • Civil liability. In addition to the mandatory one, which would cover physical and material damage caused to third parties, a 50 cc motorcycle insurance can be complemented with a voluntary civil liability guarantee. This guarantee would cover compensation for civil liability that exceeds the economic limits of mandatory civil liability. Its limits would be set in the contract.
  • Legal defense. It would include the expenses of the legal defense of the insured in those legal proceedings derived from accidents that occurred while driving their moped, either as the cause of these or as the injured party.
  • Driver’s insurance. This coverage contemplates a certain indemnity in the event of an accident resulting in the death of the insured or permanent disability. It would also include health care expenses.
  • Travel Assistance. It would cover the assistance to the driver of the 50 cc motorcycle in case of an accident or breakdown that may happen to him during his trips.
  • Management of traffic or parking fines. Some companies, however, often limit this coverage to a certain number of applications.

Hire motorcycle insurance 50 cc

If you have in mind the hiring of a 50 cc motorcycle insurance, the most advisable thing is that you inform yourself beforehand and compare the offers that the main insurance companies offer you in this regard. It is essential that in this comparison, you consider what the coverages that you really need, depending on the use you are going to make of your moped are. Do not forget that the more coverage you contract, the higher the price of your insurance will also be.

To make this comparison, we invite you to use Doctor I’s motorcycle insurance comparator. It is a very easy-to-use comparator, fast, and 100% effective. In a few minutes, a list will appear on the screen with insurance for 50 cc motorcycles marketed by the most important insurance entities in the country. In this way, you will be able to choose the policy that best suits your expectations, needs, and budget.

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