5 Ways to Fight Low Energy (And How to Stay Active)

by Alice Brainna

Oh, look there! Are you going to keep lying on bed and not move at all for the rest of the day? You may not realize it but you are releasing energy which is the driving force towards laziness. If you are feeling lazy then you are one of those people who have low energy levels and unable to do anything in a productive manner. As a result, you may try using supplements but how long will they last when you aren’t willing to modify your routine?

There’s more than one way to fight the low energy and to boost your motivation. Yes, using emergency detox pills is one of the finest ways to do so but you need to modify your routine, eating pattern and basically do all the healthy stuff. 

It’s about time you get to examine your life in the light of optimism. If you are thinking it’s too late now, then be assured it’s not.

To be able to boost your energy level you need a clear head i.e. to learn the causes first and then implement the right solution. 

Sleep Problems 

Not getting enough sleep? This is one of the most common causes that disrupt your energy levels. Every-one has a natural sleep-wake cycle that helps us to sleep. Sometimes people easily doze off but struggle in waking up. 

In the technological age, your habits influence your circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle). Since a lot of people have poor sleeping habits, like sleeping late at night or waking too late or too early, they are not getting enough sleep. It is recommended to not use cellphones one hour before going to sleep rather try meditating or reading a book. 

Poor Nutrition 

Trying emergency detox pills and not getting enough nutrition is not a balanced way to deal with health. Detox the organic way with pills or diet (or both) but you need to maintain the right balance. Say goodbye to fast food, deep-fried food, or anything that looks sugary. That when those emergency detox pills will work and give you much-needed energy. 

When you go to the grocery store you need to pick colorful ingredients from green veggies to bright tomatoes and bell peppers. You are what you eat, so keeping true to this statement you need to maintain a high-quality protein diet. 

Breathing Pattern 

This one really is a problem since everyone has to wear the masks for the most part of the day. The lack of clear oxygen is really a problem. Because we are wearing masks we are inhaling more of the released carbon dioxide.  As if increasing levels of air pollution weren’t enough we are now facing high levels of smog and the pandemic. 

Try doing yoga and conscious breathing. It plays a large part in improving energy levels. You can wrap a thread around your belly (not too tightly and test with a deep diaphragmatic belly breath. Keep it throughout the day and continue practicing it throughout the day. 


It’s too easy to stress these days. Whether it’s work or your personal relations we feel going into the spiral fall by overthinking too much. Remaining in denial will not do you any good either. So it’s better to grasp the strands of reality and accept them. Besides, concentrate on meditation too. 

Meditation or yoga is a way to promote mental and physical well-being. Try the forest therapy as well; go on the walk-in open area. The nature-type mediation like a walk or just sitting by the lakeside can do much good for your health. Substantially your moods and emotions will improve the more consistent you are in utilizing your energy the right way. 


One cannot just put enough emphasis on how important exercise is. You do not need to maintain a rigorous routine to stay active but a short time spent exercising like aerobics even can channel the positive energy levels in you. 

Remember feeling down? Now you will remember feeling good and active. An affirmative way of life influences the bad energy into positivity. Simply exercising for 3-4 times throughout the week is more than enough. 

Working too much is likely to lead to low energy levels as well. So do find time to balance your work and personal life and squeeze the exercise in between. 

In the end, all I can say is that, whenever you feel low, you will need to buck up for your own good.  Simply, try these steps one by one to avoid entering a phase where you feel low. Once you notice the first trigger signs of low energy levels, you better jump up and focus on the good side.

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