5 Reasons You Should Be Handloading Ammo

Handing loading is something that can be calming and zen-like while also giving you a valuable resource: ammunition. There are plenty of reasons for loading your own ammo, whether you have a 243 rifle and want more ammo for hunting or you are trying to create the perfect round for use at competition.

Here are some reasons you should be handloading ammo.

Create Ammo to Your Specifications

Whether it is for hunting or competition, creating your own ammo means you get to fine-tune the ammo to your specifications. That means you can have the perfect ammo suited for your rifle or handgun.

If you are going hunting, you can tailor your ammo to the distance you expect to shoot and get the exact grain count you need.

For competition, you can create the ideal round to increase your speed. You can vary velocities, reduce recoil, and more.

Lower Costs

Because you generally buy the components in bulk, the cost per round is typically lower. This means you get more for your money compared to factory rounds.

Depending on the round, the costs may be close, such as with 9mm, but if you want to shoot your 303 British or 30 06 rifle, you could be looking at a greatly reduced price for a round that can be around a dollar from the factory, but about closer to 60 cents if you make your own.

While the upfront costs of a press, dies, and more are high, they will pay for themselves when pressing in bulk.

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Consistency and Reliability

An automatic process usually loads factory ammunition, and while you can also automate handloading, you can also hand-press each round. This can help ensure reliability and consistency.

Every round you create can be exactly the same as you have control over every round during the process.

As long as the first works, every following round should work just as well if you use the same process.


During an ammo shortage, factory-created ammo often flies off the shelves. You might be able to find ammo online, but that also goes fast.

You are more likely to find components as handloading is not something every firearms enthusiast can or will do.

Are you trying to find 204 Ruger, 303 British, or other rounds that are not mainstream? Handloading is the way to go.

Increase Your Understanding of Ammo and Firearms

By understanding how a round is put together and how it interacts with your chosen firearm’s specific mechanical processes, you can learn more about both than if you just shoot a gun. Because you have to test your handloading, you will get more time behind your gun, learning how and why certain loads work. In the process, you will learn more about your firearm, as well.

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