5 Reasons Why Dubai Is Popular Among Tourists

by Alice Brainna
5 Reasons Why Dubai Is Popular Among Tourists

Every city around the world depicts a story of its own. Even the hometown you live in has a history of stories being passed on from one generation to another. If one city has grown up to an astonishing mark it is Dubai without a single doubt. Surpassing other cities, Dubai evolved over the years to become a prestigious and remarkable face of the UAE with Exotic Interiors Studio

Since the pandemic hit us low all I could do was remember the good old days when traveling was not a mystery or a desire, you just needed a ticket and that’s about it. You’d be surprised by the amazing number of travelers that came across Dubai – 11.95 million people back in 2013! Imagine if the pandemic hadn’t hit us how far the number would have gone right?

But still, people wonder what makes Dubai so irresistible? Is it the deserts? Or is it the luxury lifestyle? Well thinking of all the good things I came across during my visit back in 2018, I have listed all the good reasons down below which may help you decide whether Dubai is as popular or not. 


Of course, I cannot forget the time when I bought long earrings online in Dubai with gemstones and brightly colored ones. The reason my memory is vivid is that it happened to be a dinner date. I wore the earrings too. Anyways long story short – Dubai is the world’s best shopping destination. The gold market sells exquisite quality gold and diamond jewelry but let me warn you, find genuine bidders or jewelers. 

You can easily place a jewelry order online from a store and it’s delivered to your doorstep in a fair amount of time! Oh, and the shopping festivals are the best way to shop in Dubai. Let it be jewelry or clothing or home apparel. You get huge discounts!

Luxurious Beaches 

Visiting Dubai means you have to pay the beach the honor too. Besides the majestical deserts, beachside hotels like Burj Al Arab and other housing communities are very popular. Pricey it may be to live in those areas, but for visiting you can have a splash of fun! 

Beaches are one of the convenient locations to visit as a tourist and you can spend quality time under the sun getting the tan. The beach clubs offer great service too with a range of interests nearby your hotel. So for me, it was lounging on the beach for almost two hours worth it. 

Cool Night Light 

I don’t mean it figuratively at all! The night light in Dubai is just another dimension. You’d think you have entered Nirvana at one point. The nightlife offers everything from the locals to the tourists. If you are a party-goer kind of a person, then Dubai can be your next jam. It’s hard to get bored in one of the glamorous cities in the world.

Another benefit is that nightclubs do host ex-pats and tourists from all over the world which definitely will work in your favor. So don’t be surprised to see a mirage of people from different nationalities hanging around talking and laughing, in short enjoying the moment. 

Air Hubs 

At one point in 2014, Dubai International Airport was the busiest airport in the world. With over 70 million passengers flying, the Emirates Airline is now rated as the top-notch airline to ever exist. 

Being the popular international tourist destination, Dubai soon became the center point of Air traffic. This totally makes sense if you take a look at pre-pandemic conditions. The day I arrived at Dubai International Airport, oh boy, the crowd was shocking and here I thought LAX was the busiest airport. Nope! Cross that. The more Dubai contributes to the benefit of people, the more it becomes popular as a tourist destination. 

High Paying Jobs and Luxuries 

If you think immigrating to Dubai is hard, then it’s not. I have some friends settled there and they have talked over and over again about how smooth the processing is. Well, for me Dubai is an awesome place of luxurious spendings but it’s a dreamlike venture for me. However, the economic activities remain at their peak throughout the year. So it really is no wonder that Dubai had the lowest unemployment rate in the world too. 

Unfortunately, like many other cities around the world, a pandemic caused a paradigm shift in this sector too. But let’s just say that the high standard of living can still be seen here. 

Last but not the Least Thoughts

Dubai is a fantasy land for those who wish to see the culture, the land, meet new people, want to try a new cuisine, and do lots of shopping at discounts! With so much to do in Dubai, it will remain the eye candy for many travelers. 

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