5 Perdisco sets you can practice to get better at handling MYOB

by Amelie Gruber

If you are pursuing accounting, you already know how stressful writing a Perdisco or MYOB assignment can be. To write Perdisco assignments, you need to understand each concept well to correctly answer every question. The lack of foundation in basic concepts is often why students seek cheap assignment help.

You can be assigned MYOB and Perdisco assignments in the form of practice sets. If you do not want to take cheap assignment help, you can solve the following:

Accounting Set

The accounting practice sets will help you learn accounting and finance through the software. While at it, do remember to exclude GST wherever applicable to get the accurate results.

Bank Reconciliation Set

There are bank reconciliation sets available to help you become more proficient in preparing a bank reconciliation statement for an organisation. Since bank statements and passbook accounts work on the opposite principle, keep in mind the Dr/Cr rules for this one.  

Accounting Worksheet

You can also solve accounting worksheets online on an MYOB software to practice manual accounting. This will help you prepare accounting spreadsheets and an accounting report for companies.

Financial Statement Set

There are financial statement sets also solving, which will help you develop your knowledge of preparing a financial statement. You will also get separate sets for Profit & Loss accounts and balance sheets for all kinds of companies – partnership, dissolved, etc.

Tax and Returns

You may find several tax-filing sets that you can solve on the Perdisco/MYOB portal. Before you do so, make sure that you know all the tax slabs of both personal and public taxes. Also, since taxes differ from one region to another, make sure that you are well-versed with the country’s tax schemes in question.

While solving your Perdisco assignment, make sure that you always follow the structure and order set in the guidelines.Make sure that you keep a backup of the assignment so that you do not lose your work in between.To save time, edit your journals quickly using this shortcut – Accounts -> Transaction Journal -> Update dates -> select Arrow for the transaction.

And if you face any difficulty, ask questions on the discussion panel. If that doesn’t solve your queries, then ask an Perdisco expert for customised yet cheap assignment help.

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