5 Design & Decorating Ideas For Narrow Living Rooms

by Harish Malvia
5 Design & Decorating Ideas For Narrow Living Rooms

Narrow living spaces can often be challenging to decorate. However, with the right design and decorating ideas, it is possible to create a functional and comforting space that will leave you feeling like you live in luxury.

Here are 5 of our favorite tips for designing narrow living rooms:

  1. Use Multi-functional Furniture

One great way to maximize space in a narrow room is by using multi-functional furniture pieces. A sofa or chair with storage is a wonderful example of this idea. In addition, ottomans and coffee tables that have hidden storage underneath are also effective.


  1. Create Narrow Layouts

Another great way to maximize space in a narrow room is by using a specific layout. For example, a rectangular-shaped room with no furniture along the walls will make the space feel more spacious and open. This also encourages people to move around within the room.


  1. Use Light Colors for Your Walls – Dark colors should be avoided in any narrow room. Dark colors make a room feel smaller and will create a more cramped atmosphere. If you do choose to use dark colors it is recommended that you do not paint the entire room this color, using them only as accents or in an area where they won’t stand out too much, such as along wall space between windows, behind furniture pieces, or in closets.


  1. Maximize Windows

When designing a narrow room, try to avoid the use of sheer curtains or draperies that do not cover the entire window. Instead, opt for floor length drapes that are pulled all the way across the windows. This will create an illusion of added space while also letting in light and adding beauty to the room.


  1. Display Your Decor Items in an Unconventional Way

If your decor items are taking up too much space on the walls, try using them in unconventional ways. For example, displaying pictures and photographs directly in front of the windows is an effective way to beautify a wall while also allowing light in. Another option for utilizing decor items in small rooms is to display them on ledges or tabletops around the room.


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