5 Best Ways to Access Godaddy Email Login

by Sara max
GoDaddy Email Login

Godaddy is an American company and acts as a domain registrar and web hosting provider. Additionally, it also provides business email with extra minimal charges and one of the major email service providers is Gmail (owned by Google) and it is available for free but not is the case with Godaddy, as it offers email service in exchange for certain money.

Similar to Gmail it also provides the facility of attachments, using which you send any additional file but Godaddy comes with a data quota and on exceeding the limit, it may block the sending of email.

Godaddy Email accessibility

Email service Godaddy’s  is not for everyone, only those who have purchased the web hosting from Godaddy have the right to access it. It is not free like Gmail and requires a penny for increasing the email quota. While sending the email from Gmail, your email will look like this [email protected], and in the case of Godaddy, it will be like this [email protected]So, there exist some differences between Gmail and Godaddy email.

Godaddy Email Login

There are several ways of logging into Godaddy email, here I have compiled several ways to do the login which are Desktop Client, Web Browser, Mobile app Access, and much more. Go through them one by one and get yourself logged in on different devices.

  • Godaddy Email Access via Dashboard

    In order to login into Godaddy’s email account, there is a need of logging in to Godaddy’s control panel, from where you can easily log in to its webmail. I have compiled some steps to login into Godaddy webmail, find them below.

    Step 1: Open up a browser (eg, chrome, firefox, safari etc)
    Step 2: Go to Godaddy homepage
    Step 3: Sign in by entering the credentials
    Step 4: A dashboard will open up, Click on the email management option
    Step 5: webmail option will open up
    Step 6: Click on it and have your email opened up

  1. Godaddy Email Access via Desktop Client

    For this, you should have prior knowledge of POP and IMAP. As these protocols are used with desktop clients. In order to access the email on desktop clients it is required to have the client configured with correct values. So, in case of POP set the values as mentioned below.

    Incoming server – pop.secureserver.net
    Port number- 110

    Incoming server – imap.secureserver.net
    Port number- 143

    Outgoing server- smtpout.secureserver.net
    Port no- 80

  2. Godaddy Email Access via web browser

    In order to access the GoDaddy email from a web browser go through the below steps.

    Step 1: Open browser and search for Godaddy
    Step 2: Enter correct credentials on Godaddy’s sign-in option
    Step 3: Search for Godaddy’s email tool
    Step 4: Enter correct credentials and get logged in to the webmail

  3. Godaddy Email Access via Mobile App

    To access Godaddy’s webmail via Mobile app, go to the below-mentioned steps

    Step 1: Download app from the respective app store
    Step 2: Launch app on the device
    Step 3: Click on the email management option
    Step 4: Log in to the webmail by entering the credentials and click on sign in button

  4. Godaddy Email Access via Mobile Browser

    In order to log in to GoDaddy’s webmail via a Mobile browser, follow below-mentioned steps.

    Step 1: Launch web browser in Mobile
    Step 2: Go to Godaddy’s homepage and log in by entering the credentials
    Step 3: search for email management and get yourself logged in to the web mail by entering the credentials.

So these were the details about Godaddy webmail login via different devices.

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