5 Best Online Shopping Sites in Bangladesh

by Lisa Vincent
Best Online Shopping Sites in Bangladesh

E-commerce or online shopping websites are the ultimate forms of customer experience and convenience. This platform facilitates buying and selling diverse categories of products via the internet.

Like the rest of the world, there are many online shopping sites in Bangladesh providing such convenience and these amazing services to customers.

If we consider internet usage, Bangladesh has more than 50 million people consistently using a variety of services and apps online. A considerable portion of this is online shopping and ecommerce websites. This simply indicates that this industry is on a rapid growth streak.

This article outlines the 5 best online shopping sites in Bangladesh that are widespread.

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Online Site

Shopping is a somewhat enjoyable yet tedious task. At this age, going to the market or a shopping mall maintaining our busy schedules is often quite difficult. Online shopping websites or ecommerce platforms are very feasible solutions for that purpose.

Shopping online saves time and money while providing a wide variety of options, convenience, comfort, and even attractive deals and bargains—all the more reason to choose online shopping websites such as shopoth.com.

However, there are some factors that you should consider before getting on your phone or computer and simply ordering a certain product from such a website.

Following are a few factors you should definitely consider before choosing an online shop for your purchases:

  • The reliability of the platform you plan to use
  • Weighing out the convenience vs. the limitations
  • The extent of the liberty of options
  • Policies of the e-commerce website/online shop
  • Price variations (if any) etc.

Top 5 Online Shopping Sites in Bangladesh

The number of e-commerce websites or online shopping sites is on the rise as of late. Now the question is if there are so many options, which ones should we go for?

Let’s take a good look at what we can expect:


Shopoth.com is one of the newest and most impressive additions to the Bangladeshi e-commerce industry. While there are a lot of e-commerce platforms, shopoth.com certainly stands out from the crowd. Starting in 2021, shopoth.com aims to provide a reliable online shopping experience with a large collection of brand options.

Shopoth.com has a great many categories of products. From the daily necessities to novelty items and even luxury items, shopoth.com has it all. You can now fulfill all your needs (household, electronics, clothing, food, accessories, etc.) all in one website.

Besides, Shopoth.com offers a significant number of choices, the convenience of everything in one place, affordable pricing, and amazing deals. You will find that all items on shopoth.com are reasonably priced. So you can simply go to shopoth.com and order your shopping list all in one website.

Further, they use a very swift and convenient “pay n’ pick” system that lets you order according to your requirements and preferences, pay while checking out, and pick up the order from designated pick-up spots in various convenient locations.

Essentially, you could just order whatever you need and pick it up on your way back from work. From rice, toothpaste, floor cleaners to cellphones, designer clothes, and other electronics and accessories, everything is available at shopoth.com.

Daraz BD

At present, one of the leading and most used online shopping platforms is daraz.com.bd. Daraz started back in 2015, intending to provide an excellent online shopping experience to customers at a reasonable price. Over the years, they have acquired praiseworthy rapport with a vast base of customers.

Daraz has a wide collection of categories of products, to begin with. Fashion and beauty, electronics, accessories, sports, health, decorative items are available at Daraz. They also have a significant number of vendors for all these types of products.

Moreover, Daraz has grown its reputation of providing authentic products to customers. They also have a free return policy with very simple applicable conditions. For payment on Daraz, you can use cash on delivery, Visa cards, credit cards, Bkash, etc.


If you’re thinking about grocery shopping, Chaldal has the largest collection and the most convenient customer experience in the arena. You can get your daily necessities at the most reasonable of prices along with amazing offers.

Moreover, they are not just limited to daily necessities or groceries. You can get fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, meat, cleaning items, baby products, and some fancy items too. You can pay for your purchases on Chaldal via cards, Bkash, or cash on delivery.


AjkerDeal.com.bd started in 2011 and has been significantly popular ever since. AjkerDeal is a sister concern of BDJobs. They have been providing daily necessities and many other categories of products for the past 10 years and more.

On AjkerDeal, you can find all kinds of beauty, fashion, electronics, cellphones, household items, food items, jewelry, etc., at the most reasonable prices. They also have a refund policy for damaged products. You can use DBBL banking, iPay, Visa or Mastercard, bkash, or cash on delivery for payment.


In 2016, Pickaboo started its journey. Since then, they have been one of the most influential names in the e-commerce sector in Bangladesh. They are well-reputed for providing authentic smartphones, computers, other cellphones, perfume, watches, electronics, appliances, accessories, etc.

Pickaboo has been around providing amazing deals on electronics and tech items. They have certainly earned their spot in the market. You don’t have to go outside to purchase electronics or cell phones. They also have a 24-hour fast delivery feature.

Their customer service is noteworthy as well. Pickaboo has a return policy for faulty products. You can pay using any options from cash on delivery, VISA cards, Mastercard, Bkash, swipe on delivery, or EMI.

Final Words

These days, we can’t usually make up time to go shopping, maintaining our busy schedules. Fortunately, we have online shopping sites to help save our time and even money with their amazing deals and promotional offers. Hopefully, the list above will help you sort through your needs and pick the right providers for your necessities.

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