4 Significant Factors for Apps that Give Businesses Huge Advantage for Achieving Success

by Daniel Logan
4 Significant Factors for Apps that Give Businesses Huge Advantage for Achieving Success

Nowadays, digital marketing is one of the most important factors for any business. Even Fortune 500 companies and multinational conglomerates have to think about strategies related to the most popular social media networks and video-sharing websites. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube top the list along with some messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal. And that is why the focus on an app is of great importance. 

An overwhelming majority of the traffic on social media platforms comes from the app. And that is why companies marketing any product or service need to be wary of this aspect. Shopping on the go has become a norm and especially during the last two years, its widespread use worldwide further cemented the importance of mobile apps. 

The use of apps is not limited to any big city like Dubai as now people from far-off places and regions use apps to shop or use a service. Still, some businesses are reluctant to develop a comprehensive app, or even use it at all, as they think that they can effectively use a website to their advantage.

The following are the four such factors that can make a business go for an app, as it is not just a cool aspect anymore but an absolute necessity. 

1. Increase your Product’s Visibility

There is no better way now than to use a mobile app to increase any product’s visibility in the market. According to the latest estimates by Statista, there are approximately 5.7 million mobile apps on Google Play and Apple store combined. This is a huge figure if you consider how much potential is there for companies to make a mark for their respective products. The visibility of any product can increase drastically as billions of users visit these app stores every month. 

Accessibility on mobile apps is much easier as compared to websites. People with any disability can use smartphones and mobile apps conveniently now as Google now offers new apps which support gestures and facial movement. App Store Optimization is critical for making an app up the ladder, as virtually only the top apps shown on these stores are downloaded. 

2. Building Relationship and Loyalty with the Customers 

Once your current or potential customers have downloaded the year, the next step is to build relationships with them and your customer loyalty. You may wonder how this is possible just through a mobile app as through websites and social media networks we can also achieve this. Let me describe this aspect so that we can understand my viewpoint easily.

Features like push notifications ensure that any user will go through that notification and within a few minutes. Most smartphone users open their preferred apps several times a day and also look through push notifications quite frequently. Companies can forward important messages or just about any notification they deem vital for their success. Constant communication and building relationships with your customers so that they use your app regularly and know that they will benefit from it through different offers.

Push notifications can also help any company with increased sales. The holiday season is just around the corner and with great discount offers and flash sales, any company can get the attention of the app users. Give ample time to the users to respond but after that make them hurry so that they act upon your offer instantly.  

3. One-Touch Access to All the Information

A single touch on an app can open a world of opportunity to any company. The concept is related to any electrical device that can be used with the touch of a button; everything can be done instantly. A mobile app also offers great support to the users with every information at their fingertips. All the products and services are available to the app users round the clock. That is why a few minutes of downtime with the app can be disastrous as thousands of users may be unable to connect to the app. 

An app is not just another fancy way for businesses to get the attention of their target market. We see mobile apps from companies offering a range of products and one-touch access will make it easy for everyone to go through them. But any blemish can be fatal with after-sales support and technical assistance must be matchless. And that is exactly what I am going to discuss next, so read on. 

4. After-Sales Support and Technical Assistance 

Many companies think that after they have sold a product, it is now time to move on and get the attention of other potential customers. Some companies tend to forget or ignore their current customers and their plight or any assistance. After-sales support for any product or service is crucial as it gives the right impression about a company and how it deals with its customers, post the sale. With an app, any company can get in touch with their customers and offer them real-time support and answer their queries.

Providing technical assistance is also vital as app users can get access to all the information required in this concern. From FAQs to step-by-step guidance through a video on how to solve a problem, mobile apps can give users of any product the exact support they need. But this is where businesses must have the assistance of a reputed mobile app development Dubai that can make their app work exactly according to their customers’ needs. 

The concerned staff dealing with the problem at the company’s end must be highly qualified and experienced in dealing with such situations. It is a common scenario that when support staff is overwhelmed with complaints and providing assistance, they panic. That is where the expertise of seasoned campaigners will help the customers in providing instant and sustainable solutions, rather than just a quick fix that may not be reliable. 

Over to you 

What do you think about all the options that are mentioned above? And how companies must deal with these scenarios? I am sure that some of my readers would want to share their experiences. So, don’t be shy and speak your heart out. You can also give some suggestions or feedback for this blog or add anything that you think must be included.  Please use the comments section below in this regard and I will get back to you at my earliest. 

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