4 Factors to Consider When Looking for An Alkaline Water Purifier and Dispenser System in Singapore

by Daniel Barnes

A water purifier can be a great investment in ensuring you and your loved ones have access to the best quality drinking water. 

An alkaline water purifier and dispenser system in Singapore allows your household to enjoy fresh, tasty, and nutritious drinking water at any time. 

Alkaline water purifiers neutralize acids and make water more alkaline. They’re equipped with smaller filters to produce water that the body can absorb more easily. 

However, choosing a water purifier system can be tough. To help you narrow down your options, here are some factors to consider when looking for the best alkaline water purifier and dispenser system in Singapore. 

  1. Filtration guarantee. Harmful water contaminants are usually not visible to the naked eye. But you’ll be able to sense something’s wrong with the way the water tastes or smells. Purifiers work to get rid of contaminants that can reach your water supply without you knowing and potentially cause various health issues. When looking for an alkaline water purifier, check the specifications of its water filters. The higher the specification, the better. That means it can eliminate more contaminants, especially very small ones. And don’t look at the claims alone. See if the water quality produced by the purifier is guaranteed by an industry authority, such as the Singapore SGS lab. 
  1. Remineralization features. Check with the manufacturer or supplier if the purifier is also equipped with features that helps remineralization of the water. Find out which types of minerals are added in the process and how they can be helpful for your health. Yes, aside from filtering, a purifier and dispenser system is also enriching your drinking water. The result is natural drinking water with healthy nutrients and is safe for everyone, including very young children and the elderly.
  1. Fluoride removal. Fluoride is good for the body, especially for the teeth and bones. It helps strengthen the teeth and prevent or slow down decay. It’s a naturally occurring mineral, but excessive exposure to it can be harmful to your health. Fluoride is present in tap water in Singapore. To ensure only safe amounts reach your end, purifiers offer a solution. Ask the supplier if the water purifier also eliminates fluoride so you can hydrate without worries.
  1. Maintenance. The filters in water purifiers are also subject to premature wear. At some point, they will need to be replaced. However, if you need to replace filters very often, you might find keeping the purifier tedious more than helping. See how often you need to change the filters, how easy or difficult the steps are, and if you need to purchase supplies, and do it all on your own. You’ll also want to verify if the dispenser can release both cold and hot water to help you save even more time, effort, and money.

Alkaline water purifiers and dispenser systems in Singapore vary in models, features, and prices. Find out what consumers think of the product. If possible, see how the top ones on your list are, in action. Aside from the features they boast inside, is their exterior appearance also impressive? It won’t hurt if your water purifier also looks good outside. 

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