4 Basic Skills You Need to Play Badminton

by Charles Tipton

Badminton is a widely played sport as it’s friendly to beginners. You won’t have to invest in expensive equipment or obtain professional training to get started. The rules are easy to follow, but if you want to advance your skills or understand the sport beyond its basics, it also helps to try badminton coaching in Singapore for beginners. 

But before getting in touch with a badminton academy, keep in mind these fundamental skills that you need to play badminton. 

  1. Executing proper warmup exercises. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle or aren’t used to engaging in sports, physical activities may strain your body fast. To avoid this, it’s crucial to perform proper warm-up exercises. You don’t want to deal with a sore body for several days after hours of playing badminton. Warming up helps you prevent injuries and perform better during the game. You can condition your body within five minutes. Jumping jacks, squats, lunges, and jogging are among exercises you can include in your warm-up routine. Don’t overdo it, though. The goal is to stimulate blood flow and sweat a little before beginning the game. 
  1. Knowing the basic grips. You’ll be holding a racquet throughout the game. Knowing how to do this properly shall help you prevent injuries and control your shots. When holding your racquet, think about a handshake. Your hand should be comfortable and not too tight on the racquet. There are two basic types of badminton grip. The first is the forehand grip, and the second is the backhand grip. The forehand grip resembles a handshake a lot. The backhand grip, on the other hand, is similar to the forehand grip. But you need to roll your thumb over so that it’s resting on the grip. 
  1. Using proper footwork. You must pay attention to your footwork when playing badminton as the space is limited, and it’ll help make effective shots. Try to limit your movement to 2-3 steps to the front and backward or 1 step sideward. This shall help prepare you for your next shot. Make slight jumps if necessary and do your best to land with your feet apart. To master proper footwork more easily, seek guidance from badminton coaching experts. 
  1. Understanding legal ways to serve. Whether it’s a leisure or competitive game, you’ll also want to know more about the legal ways to serve. Service is a basic badminton skill, and it provides you the opportunity to keep the game in your favor. How you serve affects the landing of the shuttle. If you’re doing a high serve, then it’ll likely cause the shuttle to land downwards and allow opponents to smash it strongly. The low serve, on the other hand, means directing the shuttle just past the net landing. For your opponent to score, they must move very quickly to smash the shuttle.

Proper execution is crucial for all the basic skills involved in playing badminton. While these skills don’t necessarily require going into class, especially for leisure players, signing up for a badminton coaching class in Singapore helps ensure you’re always playing by the rules. Another advantage of it is that you receive experience-based, valuable tips you won’t find elsewhere.

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