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by Aashi Pandey

Travel  Restriction  to Canada :–


Canada is a country in North America and democratic country . Canada is a highly developed country and there is a place called south hall because of this canada also called Mini India .


Now let’s talk about travel restrictions to Canada. We all know that at this time Covid-19 is going on and international flights are not flying these days so it is not easy to go to another country .

  • Travel restrictions:-

Tourists are allowed  partially . In terms of testing those who have only a negative report of covid-19 they are required to enter the country .  As we all know the quarantine day time limit is 14 days but it depends on the country how many days they will ask them to quarantine. And in lockdown there shops are open for general things but for bars , restaurants are open with some restrictions .

  • Restrictions for india to canada :–

In covid-19 situation only those who have nationals/residents and foreigners with valid canadian visas are eligible to enter canada. And indian nationals who have valid visas only are eligible to enter n canada.

  • Restrictions US to canada :- 

From US to Canada two years or more then above have to provide a negative report and US will provide documentation from a healthcare provider of having recovered from covid-19 within 90 days. If someone want to go back to US and passport as expired on 1st january or is going to be expired they can go back if they want to canada government is giving for those.


According to canada government there is a rule that if someone has come back to Canada or they are a tourist they have to live in a hotel for 3 days and then they have to quarantine themselves and for tourists they have to live in a hotel for 3 days .


This was all about covid related restrictions now we will be talking about normal restrictions travelling to canada.


There was a general visa eligible candidate who will go to canada to visit and it depends on their visa type.

These days are like all flights are suspended and if people still want to go to visit canada then their process will start before 72 hrs before your scheduled departure for canada. 


Canada is where people go for their studies , to travel , to do jobs and for travelling this place is incredible to visit because they are rich in their culture , there are so many spots to visit . people can go on adventures , many cities where you can go and they are so polite to word you that people like to visit more and more or they will like to stay there only. And a great place to visit.


In Canada , if a visitor wants to visit longer then the visitor can stay for 6 months and officers will extend the visitor’s visa for them.


In Canada, if you are an international worker there then you can easily visit Canada for your work with their covid policy.  

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