3 Room Decor Ideas: Why Lighting is Important

When it comes to the lighting of a house, the importance of lighting is paramount. It instantly changes the mood of a room just as t does the perceived size of a room. The placement as well as type of lighting is important aspects of interior design ideas and they tend to work in tandem with the colour selection, furniture selection, availability of natural light and room size. Here are three ways in terms of how lighting is important for interior home decor ideas and how you best incorporate them in your own home design.

  1. Colour management – Lighting can definitely add to or subtract the overall colour selection of a room or only from those surfaces that the light is meant to appear better. Darker colours make the room feel smaller as well as cramped whereas light coloured walls tend to do the opposite. Some lighting selection can help gives the illusion of space by further illuminating the walls. 

Apart from that there is “directional” lighting that helps illuminate the floor instead of the walls. This is opposite to the lights hung from the centre of the room that helps in provide ambient lighting or wall lighting. In either cases, it can affect how light or dark a coloured section can appear. 

  • Functionality – When it comes to home decor ideas, one of the major purposes of lighting is functionality. Those beautiful crystal or glass chandeliers are not only used in large, open foyers, entryways or because of their ongoing theme of central placement but also because of their ability to provide excellent illumination to the room. 

Wall lights will provide the illusion of length and size visually to an entry hall and at the same time light the way. First, determine the style of lighting you want you want to ensure to get the best directional or luminescent type for the setting. For areas, where functionality is more important than the overall room illumination, select task specific lighting. 

  • Space – Room decor ideas, when it comes to illusion of space, both natural as well man made lighting helps a lot. In case the room doesn’t have any sufficient lighting, it will feel cramped. This will worsen with the close proximity of furniture arrangements that might include coffee table, sofa, chair etc. natural lighting is preferred over any form of artificial lighting. If you want more natural light, consider skylights or large windows. Also, you can use sheer drapes or curtains that will allow the maximum amount of light from your present windows. 

Proper lighting is the soul of any living arrangements. Room glass decor ideas are incomplete if there is no proper lighting. The right lighting helps the elements to come together and transform a room into a seamless combination of functionality as well as style.  Check New styles of canvas for home decor at Canvas Art Factory .

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