3 Ideas to Thank the Employees of a Company

by Lisa Baker

Motivating employees is a very important factor in the success and prosperity of a business. This is why it is important to reward deserving employees, in order to push them to perform even better. Here are three ideas for rewarding employees.


To thank the employees for the work they have done, one could imagine offering them an all-expense-paid vacation for themselves and their family, it would be a significant expense, interesting for the employee but not really legal because it would assume that the parties pay the costs. social charges and related tax since this would be considered as an equivalent of remuneration. So ultimately, the simplest for employees who have performed well within the company or/and who have a fairly significant length of service, remains the recourse to the payment of exceptional, non-contractual bonuses, subject to social contributions, which you set. the amount and the opportunity of payment yourself.

Corporate events

Cohesion is essential in a company. Indeed, over the years, and with daily pressure, employees tend to accumulate stress and gradually lose the notion of teamwork and cohesion. To remedy this, it is necessary to feel good within the company, hence the idea of ​​animations. Several online sites offer different types of artistic animations. You will find ambulatory activities there to accompany a company meal, but also treasure hunt or escape game type treasure hunts often requiring preparation in advance (room, field, etc.). It is above all about getting the participants to do something together and achieve what the game requires.

A request for an estimate is generally available in order to estimate the cost of the events and provide for the prerequisites according to the events. These activities allow employees to relax and at the same time laugh together, to share special moments to strengthen team cohesion. The most deserving may for example receive small gifts at the end of these events. It will also allow others to outdo themselves so that they can get the same bonus in future animations.

Evenings or lunch

In the same vein as the exceptional bonuses, but more focused on team cohesion, it is interesting to organize evenings or lunches outside the work environment. Of course, this event will be reserved for the most deserving. For example, you can go for entertainment kissanime or you should reserve a small budget at the end of the year or every 6 months to thank those who deserve it. It is indeed necessary to make employees feel that their work is well regarded and that they will be rewarded for good results. In order not to trivialize these evenings, they should be reserved for those who really deserve it, according to the years of seniority, the quality and especially the efficiency of the work carried out, to really thank the deserving workers who have achieved the requested objectives.

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