3 Good Reasons not to Lie in your CV

by Corine Jeamis
don't lie on your CV

A simple intentional omission, a small falsification or a big invention… In a world where competition is tough and the perspective of unemployment is scary, it can be tempting to spruce up your CV in order to better your odds at findinga specific job. But is it really useful? The answer is no! Here are 3 good reasons to stay totally honest while writing a curriculum vitae.

You Might Get a Bad Reputation

First and foremost, you risk destroying your credibility on the job market. Because if lying on your CV is easy, it will be more difficult to lie during an interview, especially when the recruiter is a master in the art of unmasking counterfeiters. Taking the risk of building a reputation as a liar can be dangerous in a world where information flows quickly. And of course, the bigger the lie is, the greater the risks will get. How can they trust you if you show the recruiter from the outset that you are a liar? If you want to enhance the quality of your resume, give it a perfect visual aspect by using an online CV creator like cv-creator.co.uk. By the way, you will discover the CV templates here.

Your Daily Life Might Get Discomforting

Even if your trick works well enough to get the job, you will have been recruited on the basis of a lie. It is a detail that is not always easy to handle on a daily basis. How can you be fulfilled at work when you know that your presence in the company is based on a lie that can be discovered at any time? You are also likely to be incompetent in your future job, which will give you a very bad reputation with your colleagues. Eventually, you might lose the position. If your approach was to give you more confidence to get out of unemployment, admit that there are more effective techniques out there!

It Is Increasingly Difficult to Lie in a CV

In the United Kingdom and in most in Anglo-Saxon countries, background checks are very frequent. Companies often collaborate with on specialized agencies to check the path of the candidates that interest them the most. In addition, some of them use a digital credential authentication system to combat fraud. In a nutshell, it is getting more and more difficult to lie on a curriculum vitae without being caught.

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