3 Common Electrical Problems at Home

by lihsia
electrical wirings

Many different electrical problems can happen in your home. Some of them are quite easy to fix, but some require professional help. They can cause big headaches and disrupt the flow of your everyday life. And to help you detect the problem as early as possible, here are three of the most common electrical problems.

1. Loose Electrical Connection

Your home’s switches and outlets are the places you need to look at first to see if there are electrical installation problems. There might be loose electrical connections, which can be very dangerous. They can cause a fire and personal injury to anyone who may accidentally touch them.

A sign that your home has damaged wiring is buzzing or flickering lights. If your lights buzz or flicker every time they are turned on, it’s a definite sign that you need to fix it and call a professional for help.

2. Exposed Wires

A very common issue that homeowners face is when wires get exposed or uncovered due to normal wear and tear or extreme weather. If you see any exposed wires at home, you can either tape the exposed area or replace them immediately. If ignored, they can pose the threat of electrocution and cause a fire.

When repairing exposed wires, you should always be careful. Turn off the electrical circuit your exposed wire is on to work safely before touching anything. Isolate the exposed wire afterward and tape the exposed area. However, do not use electrical tape if the insulation between the positive and neutral wire seems compromised. Or if you are unsure if you are handling the problem correctly, it is recommended to get help from an electrical installation Singapore expert. He or she will make sure that your electrical wiring will be repaired safely and properly.

3. Incorrect wiring size

Installing the wrong size or type of wire can result in overheating and fire. This is because the wiring is forced to carry more electrical current than it is supposed to. That’s why it is best to work with an experienced electrician to do the electrical installation in your home rather than working with an inexperienced or subpar technician for the sake of lower costs. But the reality is you might end up spending more because of poor installation.

Indeed, adequately sized wiring is necessary. Whether you’re constructing a new home or doing a home renovation, always ask your electrician to use the proper wiring size. And if you want to increase the efficiency of your home, you can use bigger wires.


Other electrical installation problems in Singapore include a broken light switch, dead outlets, frequently tripping breakers, improper wire length, two or more wires under one screw terminal, unprotected wiring, and more.

Indeed, poorly installed or damaged electrical wires are something to be taken seriously. They need immediate and proper action to prevent accidents, a home fire, and property damage. And if the electrical installation problem is already beyond your skill to fix, it’s best to call a professional to handle it.

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