Stress at Work? Here are Tips on How to Escape the Office

Do you know people who left their jobs just to travel the world? This may sound thrilling but we know that this can’t work for most people who need their jobs to sustain their needs. The good news is, you don’t really have to leave your job and risk everything for you to be able to travel. It’s totally understandable to ask for a break when you’re working for a 9-5 job every day, but it can be difficult to contend with the regular 9-5 job. 

In this article, we can assure you that it’s surely manageable as long as you know how to be a little strategic. So, keep reading! 


Is it alright to take a break from my job? 

YES. As long as it’s a couple of months or weeks, then you don’t have to be anxious about it, especially if you have a long career that’s waiting for you. But if you’re planning a vacation longer than that then you are better off having arranged your return. And if you are going for a break to follow your dreams to get an education or work for a non-profit organization, then your absence will not be considered when you get back. 


1. Plan Early 

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Make sure that when you book your days off, you do it early and provide your boss with enough notice. In this way, they will be easily accepted and you get to inform your colleagues about it if any of them were targeting your desired dates. 

You want to make sure that you specifically detail the days you’re eyeing to take off in your calendar at work; in this way, no one can dispute them. 

Aside from that, this will offer you ample time to deal with any problems and concerns that may arise while you’re absent. You may begin this process early so you can feel ensured that you are not leaving anyone in the stagger. Plus, your boss won’t be thinking of any reason to deny your holiday request. 


2. Talk to your colleagues and ask for help 

This tip is crucial especially if you’re the manager. You need to delegate effectively because it’s your duty to skillfully communicate the responsibilities evenly among your team to avoid stressing or pressuring them. You don’t want one person to be burning out. 

What you can do is to ask a staff member to be in charge of your projects while you’re on break, and provide doing the same for them when you get back. Set a meeting with those in particular who will be filling in for you to update them.

Ask staff members to handle your projects while you’re away, and offer to do the same for them when you return. It’s important that you meet with the people who will be taking your position in the meantime and notify them of the upcoming tasks and deadlines. You must explain all the things they need to do and make sure that you give them information about where files are kept. 


3. Opt for temporary staffing 

If there aren’t enough people to cover you or the workload is a bit too much for your team to handle, this is when you can consider working with a specialized staffing agency to hire interim professionals. Aside from that, these workers can maintain things operating smoothly while you and your coworkers take a long waited work vacation. 


4. Set your vacations around public holidays 

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This may already sound a bit obvious for you but it’s important that you strategically plan the days you take off around public holidays when you won’t be at work anyway. Doing this will give you more consecutive days off work and only utilize several of your allocated vacation days. 

For instance, if Friday and Monday are bank holidays then you have 4 consecutive days off work and you’ll only need to have extra 3 days off to acquire a whole week. But if bank holidays fall midweek, you might want to take a few days off prior to or after the holiday to acquire a full 5 days. 

This will let you travel at a greater distance and enjoy plenty of time in your selected destination. If you long for a beach vacation, we highly recommend that you take a flight to Melbourne and experience Aussie life at the beach. 


5. Make your business trip into a personal getaway 

Some people travel for work, and if you’re lucky one of them, a business trip is a great opportunity to get some vacation time. Give some extra day at the start or end of your travel or try to check if you can prolong the trip into the weekend to travel over the sights. 

Remember, your workplace is already compensating you to travel there and back, so normally, they won’t care when you travel, as long as you get the job done, then you’re good! 

Meanwhile, if you don’t have the chance to travel with your work, most probably you know someone who does. And if yes, you can ask your friend if you can tag along and join them for company. You can even ask if they can share their hotel accommodation with you for free since most likely the company has already paid for it. Don’t forget to make a fun trip! 


6. Appoint a particular check-in times 

If you do plan to take a vacation and you still plan to make yourself available by phone, then you must specify to your coworkers or employees the exact times you may be contacted. 

Make sure you review those times and avoid making calls outside of those windows and keep your strict policy of not checking email. This is crucial that you don’t select a few emails to answer then ignore the others, you are only sending confusing and even insulting messages to employees, clients, or colleagues. 


7. Learn to negotiate 

In certain situations, many people would like it if you are more upfront and honest. If you really wish to take a break from the office, you can discuss this with your boss and not beat around the bush. 

If you can negotiate and come to an agreement to a compromise, then the better. In some companies, they provide their employees with a certain amount of unpaid leave per year and a few even have sabbatical programs which permit you to take months or even a year off work in order to travel, with the assurance that your job is still there once you return. 

Meanwhile, if you’re doing great at work and have been provided with a pay rise, you may ask for several extra days off instead. Or you may even request to have a pay cut in lieu of more vacation days. It won’t hurt if you ask and as long as you’re being sensible, your boss will surely hear you out. 


8. Make sure you completely disconnect 

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Lastly, when you are taking a vacation you’ve been wanting for a long time, you must ensure to yourself that you are properly disconnecting from your job for a while. 

If you want to take a complete and real vacation, it’s better not to reply to emails and answer phone calls. Why? You would still feel as if you’re working in the office. So make sure you enjoy your holiday and time off for you to go back fully refreshed and energized. 

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