8 Work From Home Essentials You Need to Stay Productive and Motivated

Many people think working from home is just all day watching TV and lying on the sofa with a laptop, however, it’s not really like that. It’s actually harder than working from a real office. It requires a great amount of discipline, motivation and you need to learn how to be happy in your own company. 

However, there are also benefits of working from home, which is quite obvious. A regular employee can skip the commute and there are no office distractions you need to deal with. Meanwhile, if you’re an entrepreneur, no commuting, fewer overheads, and a harmonious working environment. But the problem is, it requires a little planning and work to get the most ideal home office. Plus, everyone is unique. With that being said, here are some of the most common essential things that you must have in order to work from home productively. 


  1. Stable internet service 

Of course, we can’t live without good internet service! Who even doesn’t need internet access to work from home? Who even? Right? Well, if there is, we would love to know what that is. But for most of us, the internet is the answer to get things done. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a blogger, a consultant, or anything else, you need to have reliable internet service. Make sure you have a steady, decent speed connection to boost your productivity. Everyone hates a slow internet and not getting things finished. 


  1. Proper office table

MacBook Pro on table beside white iMac and Magic Mouse

Most of us use laptops to work and they usually have bad ergonomics, which is why it’s not recommended to use them for sustained periods of work. You may have this problem fixed by turning your laptop into a desktop, by placing it on top of a commercial riser or if you may use some books and put it above them, also you can plug in an external keyboard and mouse. Your eyebrows should be on the same level as the top of the screen so you may work without hunching. 

It’s also a good idea to buy a docking station if possible. Once you plug your laptop and the rest of the peripherals into a docking station, you just need to unplug one cable from the laptop in order to take it somewhere else. Now, you’ll be able to get a change of view by working in another room or in the outdoors. Ask some HR support or your boss if they can provide you with stuff like this. 


  1. An accessory keyboard tray or adjustable chair 

Another problem when working on a laptop is that almost all domestic tables and desks are too tall. To work comfortably, your arms must be angled a bit downwards when you are typing and not to the top. The solution to this problem is purchasing an accessory keyboard tray where the keyboard is placed under the tabletop, or an adjustable chair, where the seat height is the key dimension. However, either of those is moving into home office territory.  


  1. Essential office stuff 

Even if you’re not in the office, it doesn’t mean that you don’t require office stuff at home. You consider getting a shredder, stationery cupboard, a water cooler, and filing cabinet. Also, a nice filing system is important. Arrange dedicated files and spaces for paperwork and other documents and hold on to them. Although the rest of your home shatters into madness, you may keep your office as if your boss is there. 


  1. The best chair

man sitting on rolling chair holding dog

A nice chair is of course, not that cheap. So try asking your boss or save some money for it. A comfy working chair is a priority. Remember that your body and posture is crucial and don’t settle for dining room chairs or other worse type of chair. As you look for a chai and do your research, never settle for less than what you need. Being comfortable will make your working life happy and better. 


  1. A handheld hoover 

There is nothing more annoying than trying to type on a messy desk scattered with scraps of paper and biscuit crumbs. Well, who doesn’t eat biscuits, right? This is why a handheld hoover comes in handy and it might become one of your favourite household tools too. There is no time for uncluttered business here. 


  1. Artworks or poster 

The best thing about working from home is turning a workspace into your own. You can place some art, paintings, and posters to get you more inspired to work. It’s a bit boring if all you see is a blank wall. This is now your chance to fill it with some personality. You’re the only person who knows what motivates and inspires you. But be careful with what you put so you don’t get distracted. Putting some art into your home office tells you that your job is more than just answering emails and finishing deadlines on time. 


  1. Plant as your new friend or pet 

black and gray laptop computer beside black smartphone

It seems like everyone is into taking care of plants today since most of us are usually locked indoors. And if you’re lucky enough to have a home office with a river-side view, it would be easy to feel connected to the outside world. But if not, a plant can bring the outdoors into your home. Plus, it’s low-maintenance to grow one. It can also help you relax and bring calming influence to a busy workspace. 

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