Restaurant Bar Decorating and Bar Design Ideas In Delhi NCR

The restaurant and bar industry is one of the most profitable segments of all service operations, so it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of competition between small and large businesses to attract more customers. The decor and ambiance are important in attracting customers, but the food is what keeps them coming back—or not. As a result, we frequently see the most significant and extravagant investments made in creatively designing the interiors of some of the most fashionable metropolitan restaurants and bars. And these efforts are almost never in vain because, after all, don’t we all love and will always pay for great design and an even better experience?


Dshell Interior Design has created a few modern and unique (and probably ridiculously expensive) restaurant concept designs, which we’ve showcased in their best light below. And, speaking of light, it is the single most important aspect of design that can make or break a restaurant’s success because it creates ambiance, captures eye-catching details, and should enhance the visual presentation of the cuisine, among other things like the menu, artwork, and other patrons! So you guys take a seat and look around these funky spaces. 


The prospect of decorating and designing a bar is both exciting and intimidating. It can be difficult to narrow down the bar design that you want to achieve when you have a million ideas and thoughts running through your head. We’ve outlined some bar design ideas and tips that you should consider whether you’re opening a bar for the first time or simply redesigning one.


Restaurant Bar Interior Design

If you’re designing a bar for a restaurant, the first thing you should think about is your surroundings and target audience. For example, an upscale restaurant and bar may struggle to succeed in an environment where customers are uninterested or unwilling to spend a significant amount of money at a bar. Surveying the neighborhood is the best way to learn what people are interested in.


You can start designing your bar once you’ve figured out who your customers are. When designing a commercial bar, there are a few things to keep in mind:


Stay on brand

You want to create a bar that complements the atmosphere and ambiance of your restaurant. Make sure your restaurant and bar areas are in sync so that you can create a memorable experience for your customers.


Consider your kitchen area

You want to create a bar that complements the atmosphere and ambiance of your restaurant. Make sure your restaurant and bar areas are in sync so that you can create a memorable experience for your customers.


Stay alert of your space

You’ll also need to select furniture that will fit in your bar. You’ll almost certainly want to add foot and service bar rails as well.


Make sure you have the proper bar height.

A 30-inch-high bar stool should be paired with a 42-inch-high bar height. This will ensure that the seating in your bar is comfortable for your patrons.


Bar Decorating Interior Design

Choose comfortable lighting

In your bar, lighting is extremely important. Experiment with various lighting and dimming options. Bars are typically dimly lit, but if you plan on having a seating area, overhead lighting over tables may be necessary.


Research music and bands to feature

Whether you want to create a playlist for your bar or host live music, you’ll want to think about what music genres go best with your theme and target audience.


Pick up wall art

Your decorating will help you achieve your bar’s theme, whether it’s a sports theme, a fun nightclub, or a high-end bar.


Install fixtures and beautiful decorations

A well-designed bar can be enhanced with aesthetic decor and wall art. If you have a visually appealing environment, more customers will take pictures and share them on social media with their friends.


Decide on the bar glassware

The type of glassware you purchase will be determined by the cocktails you intend to serve. Beer and cider are typically served in beer drinking glasses, while Moscow mules are typically served in a copper cup.


Choice furniture and tabletops

If you have the funds, you should purchase stain-resistant table-tops and chairs for your bar area to avoid the inevitable spills. Make sure your furniture matches the theme of your bar and fits in the available space.


Outdoor bar ideas

Outdoor bars, depending on their location, will make the majority of their money during the summer, so it’s critical to capitalize on this opportunity. If you have enough space and money, you might want to invest in a roof for your bar area so that customers don’t have to leave if it rains. Here are some pointers for setting up your outdoor bar:


If your outdoor bar has an indoor section, you’ll want to make sure everything is consistent.


Invest in outdoor chairs, tables, and umbrellas

It’s important to remember to create a brand for your bar and carry it out throughout the entire location, whether you’re redecorating or opening a new one. Create a design that will appeal to the customers in your neighborhood. Restaurants, sports bars, and outdoor bars all appeal to different types of people, depending on where you are. You can run a successful bar by Dshell designing a bar that is best for you and your customer base.

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