Understand the whole Barcoding process and invest in the Barcodes according to your needs

For businesses, barcode scanners are also usefully used to increase production efficiency. Barcodes help manage inventory. The product is integrated with the barcodes scanning system to help businesses track the great amount of information. It can avoid mistakes and human errors. Because of the great applications that barcodes bring, it requires users to have an insight into them. The principle of the operation of barcodes, their application from which to choose a suitable and quality barcode scanner.

It is the representation of the information which is visible in the forms of surfaces of the goods that can be read by the machines and smartphones to decode the information it keeps.

Barcode printing technology

Especially the thermal transfer printing technology is considered one of the most popular printing methods that high-end EAN barcode India is using. Specifically, the machine uses high temperature and high-quality ink to print, at this time the ink will be absorbed into the paper more easily, so the printing inks will be more honest and durable than other ink technologies.

The highlight of today’s high-end barcode printers is that it has a sensor system, which helps the printer understand and accurately understand the stamp specifications, helping the printer to print information neatly into each stamp, at the same time. Thanks to the sensor system, the barcode printer will have outstanding functions that are not available on other printers such as automatic label cutting, automatic label tearing or automatic label peeling.

One-Dimensional Barcodes

The 1D barcode (one-dimensional barcode) is a common linear symbol, composed of alternating parallel black and white stripes. A 1D symbol is called a “one-dimensional barcode” because the data encoded in it is changed according to only one dimension – width (horizontal).

Each 1D barcode typically contains 20-25 characters of data. They are most commonly used in the retail business and are printed on packaging, bags, boxes…

User can extract data of 1D barcode types with barcode scanner.

The data stored in the barcodes can be revealed or decode with a specialized tool called barcode scanner. Barcode scanner also comes in various types like, handheld barcode scanner which comes in use in inventory management or warehouses. Barcode scanners for Supermarkets, departmental stores, convenience stores are different. They are just places on a table whilst the thin line of the red light emits on the surface of the scanning table and you just have to take the barcode on the product under that red thin line and all the information about the product appears on the screen. You can create UPC barcode online with the best website.

Here is the principle of the barcode decoding:

  1. A barcode is composed of white and black bars. The data acquisition is done when the barcode scanner shines light on the barcode, the reflected light received replacing the colored bars is the binary digital signal.
  2. The emmision is strong in the white lines and weak in the black lines, as the sensor receives the creative steps in the corresponding waveforms.
  3. The compatible signal is converted into a digital signal through an A / D converter.
  4. Data is recovered when a system code is identified from a digital signal.

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