Types of Skirting Boards

There are a wide variety of boards out there. The most common type is wood. However, there are also composite types of wood and vinyl. Vinyl is one of the least expensive types of boards but is also one of the most durable.

Vinyl Skirting Boards Types of Vinyl Skirting Boards –

There are many types of vinyl skirting boards. There are many types of vinyl that are commonly used for homes. The most popular type of vinyl is –

Plain Walls –

These are not just for inside homes. They are great for the outside and garden. You can get wall skirting Dubai in almost any color and can be customized with any design that you want. For the outside of your home, you will often see plain white or cream panels, which give a nice crisp clean line to your walls, but which aren’t very attractive.

Brick Skirting –

One of the most popular types of skirting is brick skirting. It’s simple to install and looks great in any type of home. Manufactured home builders also use brick skirting. There is a wide choice of brick types, some of which are extremely smooth, and others which have a coarse texture to them. Brick is also very durable and strong. Some types of manufactured skirting blocks are double layered with concrete, to further add strength and durability.

Block Skirting –

This is a type of skirting board that is manufactured in one solid piece, with no joints, and that is either constructed in a factory from thick plastic, or from vinyl. It doesn’t have as much detail as the other types of skirting boards, and you don’t often find it in traditional brick-and-mortar home building stores. It is however an extremely strong and long-lasting product, and often much more cost-effective than traditional types of vinyl skirting boards.

Vinyl Skirting Boards –

These are also commonly known as vinyl skirting and are generally used to provide additional protection to the walled-in areas of a home. They are available in both pre-manufactured blocks and in pieces that have been assembled at the factory. In pre-manufactured blocks, you generally get the entire board cut to the required size, which requires the production of several of these products to meet a household’s needs. In the assembly type, you will generally only receive one large piece of board, which will have several smaller ones glued onto it, to allow for easy installation.

Brick Skirting Boards –

This type of product is typically manufactured in a factory and comes in the form of a large sheet. The larger blocks of the product are all cut to the exact same size and are then joined together to create the proper look. You can purchase these products with a wide variety of different looks, styles, and colors to choose from. It is generally a good idea to get a company that manufactures a complete line of products to work with, to create a complete line of vinyl wall and brick skirting products.

Pencil Round Skirting –

These types of products are very popular among those who are looking for unique decorative options for their home. These are made of heavy-duty plastic, with a large variety of different patterns, colors, and sizes available at Dubai Vinyl Flooring. Typically, these boards come with a pre-made pattern, or you can choose to design your own. The price of these types of wall skirting solutions can range widely, depending on the company and the type of product. Be sure to take this into consideration before purchasing, as you do not want to spend too much money on something that you are not going to be satisfied with within the long run.

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