Different Types of Carpets That Will Enhance Your Home

You will find several different types of carpets in your home. Each type can give your home a distinctive look and can also be used for different purposes. For instance, you will find that jute and sisal carpets are both used to create a warm and cozy feel in the home. Jute carpets are made from the fibers of a specific type of plant. They are soft and have a lovely coziness to them.

Wall to wall carpets

Fitted carpets, also known as wall to wall carpets, is a large carpet meant to cover an entire room completely. Carpet more than 4 meters long is generally installed by the use of an electric power stretcher. The wall-to-wall carpets are available in different colors such as black, brown, cream, burgundy, and white. The area that is covered by the wall-to-wall carpets varies depending on the manufacturer and price.

Sisal carpets

Sisal carpets and jute carpets are not the only two different types of carpets available on the market. In fact, there are many different types of carpets and rugs which you will find useful for your home or office. The main types of carpet include the Oriental rug, the Persian rug, the area rug, the bed-cum-sofa carpet, the heavy blanket carpet, and the shag carpet.

Seagrass carpet

Some types of carpets are not so well known but they can be highly beneficial for your health and as long as they are properly maintained, they will keep you warm and cozy. One example of this type of carpet is the seagrass carpet. Seagrass carpets are created from the long strips of sisal fibers that grow wild along the coast of the Indian Ocean. This natural fiber attracts and retains water, which makes it highly moisture resistant and this is why these carpets can remain comfortably cool even during hot summer months.

Oriental carpet

If you have an oriental carpet in your home then you must know that it is made from finely woven wool that originates from the Middle East. In addition, the oriental carpet is dyed with natural dyes and thus you will discover that every color has its own meaning. These carpets are not only suitable for use in the interior design of a house, but they are also used in some parts of Asia as house-warming gifts.

Besides keeping you warm, oriental carpets are also known for their elegant appeal and because they can easily absorb colors. You may have noticed that when you enter an elegant restaurant or a beautiful hotel that the first thing that you notice is the carpet. Carpets in such places are chosen carefully in order to enhance the appearance of the place and as well as to offer comfort. You should therefore know more about these carpets before choosing one for your home. The most popular types of oriental carpet are the jute and the sisal carpet. Nowadays these carpets are available in many different materials and styles, but their most important quality remains their ability to absorb light.

As you may have guessed from the name, jute carpets are created by weaving small wooden fibers into large mats. These carpets are quite strong, which is why they are quite often used in India as home flooring or indoor wall coverings. In fact, the word jute comes from the Sanskrit meaning “jute plant”. Jute carpets are available in a number of colors and the more natural ones tend to look much better.


So now you have some idea of the most common types of carpet and what they are used for. You may even be able to identify one or two types of carpet that you might want to incorporate into your home design. Whatever you decide on though, always remember that you need to keep your carpet maintenance to a minimum. If you do not, then you will soon be replacing the carpet in no time at all. visit: pvcvinylflooring.ae to check latest design of carpets

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