Online Delivery Services: the saviour of many people in lockdown period

All people of this world are now spending their days with a common fear in their minds ie. the coronavirus or covid-19. This virus spreading all around for more than one year. Most countries have announced a lockdown for an unknown time. Due to this lockdown, people can’t go outside of their homes and buy foods, other essential commodities. In this awkward situation, online delivery services have become our saviour. These online delivery services have helped us a lot during the lockdown period when we are avoiding going outside for purchasing essentials. 

Is Online Delivery Service safe for us?

When the coronavirus initiated to affect people, a doubt was raised by social media against these online delivery services. This doubt was about the safety of online delivery services from the coronavirus infection. Though social media badly criticized online delivery services, it was the only way of buying essential commodities during this pandemic situation. 

Most of the online shopping companies are providing proper preventive measures to their delivery boys. Some of these measures are described below.


  • Some online shopping companies have initiated to cover their products with an air-tight container. A sterilized environment is created inside of the container, where the product is also placed. A sterilized thing indicates that the thing is entirely free from microorganisms, acellular entities like viruses, viroid, spores, etc. 
  • The delivery boys are using masks, hand sanitisers to prevent any transmission of the coronavirus. Mask is mandatory for all delivery boys. This rule is inscribed in the regulations and norms of several online shopping companies. If they (delivery boys) don’t follow this rule, a large amount of money will get deducted from their salary. That’s why they do not take off their face masks during duty time.  
  • Before delivering the product to their customer, they also spray disinfectants on the product. After that, they deliver it to their customers. This activity is strictly followed by the delivery boys of several online shopping companies.    
  • All companies want to offer a complaint-free service to their customers. have given special attention to delivering the products to their customers without any infection.

We can see that online shopping companies have taken several precautions to avoid the transmission of the coronavirus. At this moment, we can consider an online delivery service safe from the aspect of coronavirus infection. 

Most used types of online delivery service in lockdown:

During the pandemic, the essential commodities include food, groceries, clothes, etc. Among these kinds of stuff, food and groceries are the most demanding commodities during the lockdown. 

People are now ordering several foods through online food companies, like cakes, pizza, pasta, noodles, gifts, etc. According to a report, most cakes were ordered by people through online cake companies in the lockdown period. Online cake delivery in Dwarka is the most consistent evidence of this fact. 

Why have people preferred online shopping in lockdown?

During the lockdown period, ordinary people suffered a lot. The price of essential commodities raised to an unexpected level. This unexpected uprise of the cost was the main reason for their suffering. 

On the online shopping websites, groceries’ prices were relatively reasonable and lesser than that of the market. On top of that, if you order groceries online, you don’t have to go outside and breach the lockdown rules. It is the leading and primary reason for preferring online shopping to the local market in the lockdown period. 

This coronavirus has caused considerable damages to our lifestyle. Due to its’ high rate of propagation, people are afraid to go outside of their house. That is why most of the offices are remain closed for unknown periods. As a substitute, their employees are working from home. Honestly, this notorious virus has altered our lifestyle abruptly.

On the other hand, children cannot go to school. The same thing goes for those students who have just taken admission in colleges. This virus is depriving them of enjoying their college life. Besides online shopping, online teaching has been initiated as a substitute for offline education. All schools, colleges have adopted this new system of teaching. 

In the end…

When we are restricted to go outside, we learnt how to celebrate the small things at home. Be it birthday, anniversary, festival or a cricket win. Ording the gifts online, surprising the person we love and delivering the cake to your close one is what went viral in this situation. All these are small acts of showing love and make everyone happy all around, spreading happiness even in a tough situation. 


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