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Well, when you create a product for your company, you need a catchy name for it so you can endorse your brand. And when you think of a name, you are legally bound to register it to further avoid any infringement. Trademarks can keep your brand name safe and secure. 

Trademark Electronic Search System is an online database service that can be used for identifying United States Patent and Trademark Registration Company and requests on hold for trademarks. It follows up with both registered and unregistered trademark request applications but doesn’t register any common law or statute application in it’s database.  

However, first you need to learn why is it important to get a trademark for your company, and second, you need to keep a check with the trademark service whether there is a name registered already by the name of your company/brand. This helps keeping a check before getting your company registered in order to prevent confusion before the approval.  

TESS system is basically divided into three search interface. There’s one basic word mark search, where you can type out basic words in numerical even and the name of an owner, so on and so forth. Then, there comes the structured word mark search which is a little advanced and here you can even search for advanced trademark logos, goods and services that the company’s are providing. And the last one is the free-form mark search. It is the most advanced search and even more comprehensive too. Trademark Electronic Search System is updated on a daily basis with new applications and registrations. Trademark records images and descriptions when new trademark is registered. These descriptions are for a clearer view of any company or brand being registered in the database. However, you need to check multiple trademark databases as it may be possible that some of the applications are still in a pending process and some must have not been registered only. TESS will check thoroughly about the background and sources that you provide and will also keep a check if you’ve fulfilled all the requirements or not. However, they may find another similar trademark with different properties, so a background check is a must for your further approval. If given an advice, you can also hire a legal attorney to help you take a decision and do additional searches for you. A licensed attorney can advise you throughout the application process. Allowing businesses to register their name without domain name disputes is the main goal of these databases.  

Finally, these trademark searches can easily highlight hurdles and complications that occur when other tries to register a trademark. They provide a guide for trademark prosecution. You need to consider the assistance of these practitioners and discuss how the trademarks need to be imposed. However, there are other kinds of searches that TESS provides. 

A dictionary search will help you find out about the marks by entering down a particular term. Whereas, other searches with any serial or registration numbers can also be done.  

If you are looking to have a much more detailed information, search for serial or registration numbers. These can even reveal the documentation that might be in the process of the application as well as the proper maintenance dates in regards to the trademark. 

Users and readers can gain useful information regarding trademarks through these valuable searches. It helps other companies to seek information and add up valuable details in their data. Which later improves their chances of acceptance. However if one application is denied, the applicant can always send it back for re-filing. Adding up some more essential information and detailing after a proper lookout and a research. Generally, clashes in the information and similar descriptions and names will make things a little complicated but only if you try and research more, you will be safe in  the approval process. Whereas, common law searches can be done through social media and internet as well. Even if you Google search a term it will clearly show up all small details and information about your search. Further helps you into saving up the cost that you give out. Free searches can be effective and people who are starting fresh with their business can have a chance to go through these searches through the database for free and save up the money for further use. However, it’s not necessary that trademark examiners will have the complete opportunity to catch conflicts between the similar applications. If this occurs, the owners can send out a letter of protest if they seem to have any unfair process during the checking. It’s the owner’s right to deny anything that clearly seem to have a disagreement with their processing of the application and can make changes for it’s own business’s future.  

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