How to check the Malwarebytes subscription expiry date

Malwarebytes is a famous antivirus program that is used for protecting computing devices from malware. The popularity of Malwarebytes antivirus increased as it is also compatible with mobile devices like Android or iOS. Malwarebytes antivirus not only secures your computer from malware but also keeps your data secure from hacking and cybercriminals. People prefer Malwarebytes over other antivirus programs because it has all advanced security features at good prices. Malwarebytes subscription has various antivirus plans according to your device. You can choose any plan of Malwarebytes by determining your device specifications and feature requirements like Stop Malwarebytes Notifications.

Malwarebytes antivirus is easy to download and install. Malwarebytes antivirus setup is available in both online and offline mode. For offline mode; you will require a CD drive. In case, you have Malwarebytes CD but don’t have a CD drive then check the Malwarebytes key card. You will see a URL imprinted on it. Open your web browser and visit the given URL for installation. Malwarebytes antivirus provides a subscription for at least one year. Once your Malwarebytes subscription gets expired; you have to renew it. You should always renew Malwarebytes before the expiration date. Many Malwarebytes antivirus plans have auto-renewal mode which automatically renews Malwarebytes antivirus plans a month before expiry. But if your auto-renewal mode is disabled then you have to renew your Malwarebytes plan manually. 

Steps to check your Malwarebytes subscription expiry date on Windows PC:

  • Open your computer and click on the Malwarebytes icon
  • Malwarebytes antivirus dashboard will appear on the screen
  • Go to My subscription
  • Here you will get all the information about your Malwarebytes plan. You will get the number of days left for expiry and the expiry date. 

 Steps to check Malwarebytes subscription expiry date on Mac device:

  • Open your Malwarebytes antivirus on Mac
  • Click on the Account button
  • Go to Verify button from the lower-right corner
  • Click on Verify again button from Verify subscription windows
  • Wait for some time and all the details will get shown on the screen. 

 Steps to check Malwarebytes subscription expiry date with email address:

  • Open the computer and browse for Malwarebytes website
  • Click on My account
  • Go to Sign In
  • Now type Malwarebytes username and password
  • Tap the Login button
  • Now go to My Account and click on the running Malwarebytes plan
  • Click on My Subscription
  • Click on your Malwarebytes product
  • Now go to My Info

You will see your Malwarebytes expiration date and other details. If your Malwarebytes plan is about to expire then you should renew the plan immediately. Many people think that if they renew Malwarebytes plans before expiration then the remaining days will get lapsed. But Malwarebytes antivirus takes care of everything. If you are renewing your Malwarebytes antivirus 10 days before expiry then your remaining 10 days of older subscription plan will get added to your new Malwarebytes plan. 

Steps to renew Malwarebytes plan:
  • Open your computer and click on the Malwarebytes icon
  • Malwarebytes dashboard will get open on the screen
  • Go to the My subscription button
  • Click on Renew button
  • You will be redirected to the Malwarebytes website
  • A billing page will appear

Fill in all the necessary details and click on the Buy Now button. Wait for completing the billing process. Once the billing process gets completed; a renewal message will appear on your screen. You will also get the renewal notification on your registered email address. Open your Malwarebytes dashboard again and go to the My subscription button. Now check whether your Malwarebytes renewal date gets extended or not. Once your Malwarebytes plan gets extended; you can use your Malwarebytes antivirus without any cybersecurity.

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