6 Small Kitchen Design Ideas to Maximise Space

In a small kitchen, every inch is gold. You can’t waste space. As much as possible, you want to make your kitchen look wider than it is and not feel claustrophobic at all. With the right design tricks, you can make that possible. You also don’t have to spend a fortune. 

Here are some small kitchen design ideas you might want to try.

  1. Welcome natural lighting. If you’re planning to renovate your home, try to include as many sources of natural lighting as possible. Invest in windows in your kitchen area to help make the space look brighter, airier, and bigger. This move also helps you reduce electricity costs as you can maximise daylight. If your windows are limited, you can instead rethink your workspace – keep your kitchen sink or cooking area closer to your lighting source. 
  1. Be clever with your lighting. If it isn’t possible to invite more natural lighting, you can instead add lighting. Hang one above your workspaces, such as the kitchen sink taps or above your kitchen island. People will no longer take notice of the small space because your elegant and functional lighting is everything that they can see. 
  1. Maximise wall storage. You can’t expand your square footage, but you can make the most of your walls. See how you can add storage levels or cabinets to your walls so all your stuff can be stowed in when not in use. You’re free to choose between open or closed storage, but be sure to organise items accordingly. And remember to keep a kitchen ladder accessible if you want your storage spaces to go all the way up.
  1. Organise kitchen items. Clutter is your biggest enemy in a small kitchen. If you prefer open storage, be careful when arranging items so they don’t turn into an eyesore. Coordinate colours and place heavily-used items, such as dinnerware, close by. Note that even if you choose closed storage, organisation is still necessary. You don’t want your pots and fragile glassware to come right at you each time you open your cabinets. 
  1. Reduce your stuff. If you don’t usually work in the kitchen or have accumulated so much stuff that you don’t get to use, it’s high time to declutter. Sell items and use your earnings for your kitchen wishlist, such as that kitchen sink model in Taiwan that you’ve wanted for so long. Having only items that you need will help you recoup your much-needed kitchen space and also make working a lot easier. It’s easier to find what you need as you see everything in one glance. This also helps you avoid unnecessary and duplicate purchases. 
  1. Design with plants. Bring nature inside your home. Choose low-maintenance plants and take them to your kitchen. If they require sunlight, place them on top of the cabinets near your windows or the windowsill by your kitchen sink. 

Don’t let your small kitchen place limit your design ideas. Explore more, but focus on the necessary. Invest in high-quality pieces that fit the dimensions of your home. Always prioritise your personal needs so you don’t end up acquiring more that you won’t be able to use. You can turn your small kitchen into your dream kitchen. 

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