10+ Interesting Facts about holographic sights!

Holographic Sight happens to be one of the best Accessories in the weapon world, and you have probably read some of the best holographic sights reviews before landing here!

But, here’s the thing: We are going to be presenting something that you probably have not read anywhere before this.

With that being said, we are going to be mentioning some Interesting Facts about holographic sights.

Holographic Sights happens to be one of the best optical sights for one’s weapon and can give you a big advantage.

Holographic Sights offer the optimal amounts of range, which feels rather enough for one to take a shot either on a close or a long-range.

But, here are some things about Holographic Sights that are bound to make you feel amazed!

The First Holographic Sight:

Now, Holographic Sights seem a little new, but even if we wouldn’t believe it we didn’t have all our facts straight!

Holographic sights have been around for quite a while now.

According to our in-depth research of this topic, The first Ever Holographic Optical sight dates back to as far as 1998!

The first-ever holographic sight was made by a company named EOTech, and they hit the home run on the very first try!

68 MOA Rings:

Unlike the many different scopes, Holographic scopes happen to be some of the most solid, some of the most accurate, and one of the most precise shooting sights!

The fact behind holographic sights being the right choice is mainly due to the fact that it comes with 68 MOA ring,

This allows the shooter to have a faster target procurement with a 1 MOA dot. Due to having a 68 MOA Ring, Holographic sights are very quick.

Optimal Accuracy and Speed:

So, when you are on the battlefield, or in an active shootout, what are the two most important factors that ensure that you emerge victorious in the shootout?

The accuracy of your shots fired and the speed at which these shots are fired.

The zooming range of Holographic Sight is not as deep as the other scopes but it is not as less like Red Dot sight either.

Needless to say, the zooming range of holographic sights is rather perfect which allows the users to take shots rapidly with more accuracy.

Increase FOV:

We have already mentioned in the information above that having Holographic sights can offer you the perfect blend between precision and speed when it comes to shooting as compared to the other sights available on the market. 

The reason behind this is the fact that a lot of Holographic sights come with a Rectangular sight window which allows you to have an Increase FOV, better known as Field of view.

This proves to be a huge advantage over the rounded sight windows. 

Completely Free from Parallax Distortion:

Here’s something interesting:

The Holographic Sights are made in such a way that allows them to have complete Freedom from Parallax distortion!

Parallax Distortion is a name given to a condition that often happens in the scenario where eyes are not aligned correctly with the sights.

Ngage The Targets Faster!

There are a lot of reasons for which we would prefer Holographic sights over any other kinds of scope on any day.

That ability is the speed advantage offered by the Holographic sights.

When you are equipped with a holographic sight, you are able to engage your targets with an effective speed.

Having more speed can play to your advantage when you are inactive in combat.

When you engage targets with more speed, there are more chances for you to keep them pinned down or to land a hit.


Most of the holographic sights available on the market are made from rigid materials and feature a build quality that makes them fit for extreme conditions and allows the shooters to have an edge in firearms combat.


Although Holographic sights happen to be a little costly from their competitors, Red dot sights, happen to be worth every penny that is spent on it.

Holographic sights are the right choice even for Military professionals and other arms professionals because of their ability to offer better precisions, Durability, freedom from Parallax, and offer better target Engagement Speeds.

We don’t know about you, but Holographic Sights are the right kind of choice for you if you are in search of something that will allow you to be a better shooter on the field!

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