Women’s Point of View: 16 Best Gift Ideas for a Girl for the New Year

by Alexander Bowl
New Year Gift
Cashmere red scarf is a good gift

Men are already beginning to think about what to give a girlfriend or wife, because the New Year is very soon.

It can be difficult for guys to choose a gift for a girl. You need to take into account her age, interests, hobbies. And if she doesn’t like what the man chose? From such thoughts the head is spinning.

We have selected the top 16 universal gifts, among which any guy will find something for his woman.

Classic Gift

1. Cosmetics

Cosmetics are a versatile gift that any girl will love. When choosing this gift, your imagination can work to its fullest.

Of course, the girl’s preferences should be taken into account: if she is worried about the environment, natural cosmetics will be a good gift; if the girl does not really like makeup, then a beauty box with skin care products will do.

In addition, you can also decorate this New Year’s gift with nice accessories, decorate with flowers or spruce branches.

2. Backpack as a Gift

If your budget is limited, and you want to please a girl for the New Year with a beautiful and necessary thing, a backpack is an excellent solution.

Now you can find a backpack of any color and model. One has only to search a little.

3. Accessories

Jewelry is a great gift for a girl. Especially if you want to emphasize its importance to you.

Jewelry can be found to suit any budget: it can be stylish jewelry or a gold bracelet.

In addition, if your intentions are serious and you are already ready for a new stage in your relationship with your beloved, then proposing on New Year’s Eve is a very romantic decision that your half will remember all your life.

4. Clock as a Gift

A wristwatch is a good New Year’s gift. There are many superstitions surrounding this gift. some people believe that giving a watch is a sign of separation. However, believe me, any girl will be happy with a watch, because it is not only a time meter, but also a very stylish accessory.

5. Sweater

A stylish sweater isn’t such a bad New Year’s gift. However, when choosing such a gift, you need to take into account many nuances: size, fabric, print. It is these details that can make your gift unique and make the woman happy.

6. Scarf

When buying any accessory as a gift, you need to make sure that it is fashionable and beautiful, practical and of high quality. It might be:

  • checkered country style;
  • with trendy houndstooth pattern;
  • trendy in a bright cage;
  • with multi-colored stripes;
  • solid color: gray, green, dark blue. The cashmere red scarf looks especially catchy;
  • always up-to-date herringbone scarf.

In order for a gift to please a girl, you need to know in advance about her tastes. For example, if she prefers to wear clothes in restrained colors and does not use flashy accessories, then a bright scarf will not be appropriate. A gift chosen with care and attention will always be pleasant to the recipient. When buying a scarf as a gift, be sure to pay attention to its quality, length and density. Only a high-quality scarf made of natural wool will warm in bad weather, as it will remove moisture and keep a girl warm.

New Year gift

Original Gift

1. Certificate for a Photo Session

A paid photo session is a wonderful gift for a woman. The results of the photographer’s work and the sea of ​​“likes” in social networks will make any girl happy.

2. Tickets to the Theater or Concert

Any man has more than once heard stories from his half about her favourite singer, whose concert she dreams of attending, or about a performance that she would like to attend.

Everything is in your hands here.

Delight your woman on New Year’s Eve with tickets to the theater or to a concert of your favourite artist.

However, it should be remembered that it is better to give such gifts in pairs.

3. Gift Set

An original gift is a gift set. You can do it yourself. It is enough just to stock up on a beautiful box and come up with a “filling”. In a set for a woman, you can put warm socks, a nice cup and several jars of jam.

Nice, budget and original!

4. Travel

Any girl will be glad to receive a trip as a gift.

It doesn’t have to be a flight to the Alps or Paris. Suggest that she go to a spa out of town for a weekend or spend a couple of days together in another town. She will definitely like this solution.

5. Scented candle

Winter is the time when you want to make your home even more comfortable.

A good gift for a girl for the New Year will be a scented candle. Only here a simple visit to the supermarket is indispensable. It is worth taking the time and finding a suitable and beautiful candle that the girl will definitely like and make her happy.

Hobby Gift

  1. Gift for a Housewife

A girl who spends most of her time at home can be presented with an item that will simplify her household chores. You can pick up a set of New Year’s cups, a blender, a new powerful vacuum cleaner. You can also pay attention to the salt lamp, which will be a wonderful decoration for any room.

However, it is worth remembering that not all hostesses like to receive gifts related to everyday life. In this case, you can buy a certificate for spa treatments or an interesting excursion.

2. Gift for a Business Woman

Any business woman will be happy with a gift only if it is useful. You must choose a gift that will help her make her everyday life easier. This can be a handy organizer, a Power Bank to keep in touch, a poster with a to-do list, or a personalized planner.

3. Gift for a Sportswoman

If a woman leads a healthy lifestyle and is fond of sports, then she needs to be given an appropriate gift. It is hardly necessary to present a box of sweets or delicious alcohol here. She will be pleased to receive a gift that will benefit. This can be: a yoga mat, a jump rope, a fitness bracelet, sportswear, thermal underwear, as well as a gym membership.

4. Gift for a Lover of Outdoor Activities

If your woman loves outdoor activities, that’s great. On New Year’s Eve, you can give her a gift that will be associated with her increase. It can be a trip to a skating rink, rollerdrome, water park. You can also give the girl a certificate with a list of impressions that she chooses to her liking.

If you want to impress a girl, then a good gift would be sporting goods: skates, gyro boards, roller skates, or a bicycle.

5. Gift for a Sweet Tooth

Any sweet tooth will be glad to receive something delicious as a gift. If your woman loves sweets, then for the New Year you can surprise her with confectionery delicacies. However, it is worth considering her preferences: what kind of chocolate she likes, whether she has allergies, etc.

Also, girls who are very fond of eating sweets will be happy to receive a homemade popcorn or cotton candy machine as a gift.

I hope this article will be useful. More about gifts you can read here.

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