1337x Proxy Sites List to Unblock 1337x Torrent 2021

by Dia Jones
1337x proxy

The torrents have provided the world allow the people to share big files over the internet with a large number of torrent sites and have become easy to download movies, and games along with software apps and many other things.

However, the majority of the torrent sites like 1337x proxy have been blocked by the government of many countries and regions because of some of the piracy contents which is circulated through the site all across and also because it has been blocked by the ISPs because of the copyrighted content.

Along with the 1337x, there are many other very popular torrent sites like the pirate bay, kickass torrents, and the extra torrent have been taken down by the government agencies of many regions including countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, and many other countries too.

However, there have been many alternatives like 1337. Which have been emerged as an alternative site which could be used in place of the 1337 x or can also be used for 1337x unblocked. There is also a chance for the users to use proxy sites and mirror sites to access the websites that have even been blocked by the geo-locations.

If as a user who is facing problems while using the site you do not have to worry as there is almost a list of the proxy sites that you can use and you can get all these on the internet if you want to do it.

Here are the lists of some of the alternative sites instead of the 1337x proxy sites list that have been in use by the users in place of the 1337 x and by using them the users can get what they want. And these sites will always be useful for all the users that are already available for the users.

Alternatives of 1337x Proxy

1 The Pirate Bay

If you are a regular torrent user then you must have come across the name Pirate Bay and hence we can say that Pirate Bay needs no introduction. It is a very popular torrent site that users can use to download content or files because of its peer-to-peer technology.

The users must also know that the site has an amazing collection of torrent sites in a variety of genres which includes things like audio, video, games, applications, and many other things. If Pirate Bay is blocked in your region then you can use the proxy sites of the Pirate Bay.

2 Kickass Torrents

Kickass is an amazing and very popular 1337x torrent alternative that users must try in place of the kickass torrent site. But just like other sites this site has also faced enough share of troubles by the law agencies but because this is a popular site and has many fans and because of this only the fans of the sites always manage to cope up with the proxy sites of the kickass torrent.

3 Extra Torrent

Like a kickass torrent, Extra torrent is also a site that has faced bans and is blocked by the government and law agencies of many countries but still, it could be proved as an amazing alternative of 1337x unblock proxy.

If the 1337x is blocked in your region for some reason you can always go up to use the Kickass torrent site as this site has a great collection of torrent files from all different genres and the best part is that the site has a user-friendly interface because of its popularity in the torrent world.


The torrent enthusiasts use the site and this torrent search engine is pretty much popular among the users and we recommend you this site if you are looking for an alternative site for the 1337x proxy torrent site.


If you want to watch movies but unfortunately the 1337 x site has been blocked by the government and the law agencies then you can use the Yify site. As the YTS movies is a site that has been a top-rated site to watch movies that the users love to and to watch and can also download movies.

And if you are looking at the site for movie bluff then the Yify site is best for the alternative for 1337 x.

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