10 Interior Design Trends We’ll See in 2021

by Md Zaid

Trends come and go, but being in style stays. And, to help you stay in style this 2021, we’ve done our research and compiled the best interior design trends this year just for you. Here are the top 10 interior designs you should definitely watch out for this 2021. 

Top 10 Interior Design Trends in 2021

1. Cottagecore

Cottagecore is all the rage these days, but what exactly does it mean? Cottagecore embodies natural elements in an indoor setting. The past year has made most people reconnect with nature, thus the surge in interior decor with plants, rustic elements, farm aesthetics that is whimsical yet modern at the same time. Although popularised by teenagers, the aesthetic has become widely accepted by all ages. Some furniture staples of the Cottagecore aesthetics are wooden-framed furniture combined with organic materials like the CH24 or Wishbone Y Chair made from wood with a handwoven paper cord seat. 

2. Contemporary Country

Contemporary Country is all about natural textures, vintage elements, contemporary lighting and comfort at the core. Although the country look is mostly associated with old, outdated style, the rise of Contemporary Country aesthetics has since demolished that perception. Vintage furniture is still the prominent feature of this aesthetics, with contemporary mixed in through the details like modern lighting fixtures. With comfort as one of the major defining aspects of Contemporary Country, using neutral colours and providing generous seats and surfaces is the way to go if you want to incorporate this design trend in your home.

3. Maximalism

Maximalism is in 2021. The movement was created as a reaction to minimalism. Before it was less is more, now it’s more is more. It does not necessarily mean that you need to horde several pieces of furniture and decors to create this aesthetic, but more like filling every corner with fun details and colours. Minimalism is all about neutral tones, and with Maximalism you need to embrace more vibrant colours in your choice of pieces, paints and flooring. Be generous with your palettes. Adding books and art pieces to your space is a must to achieve the Maximalism style. As much as possible, there should not be a corner left untouched with decor. 

4. Prints

The minimalism movement stayed away from prints, and this year is all about bringing it back. Mixing stripes and checks are in, wall murals are in, and bedsheets, curtains and home linens in print are in! Out with the plain, clean style, and in with the vibrant colours and prints. This year is the right time to buy that funky wallpaper and that geometric rug. Prints can uplift any room, and we all need that in these trying times. So explore, mix and match and see which colours and patterns work best for your room. 

5. Murals

Wall mural is another trend that is popular this 2021. Murals are a powerful home decor tool that can create a long-lasting impression on the viewers. They can transform a simple room into something more interesting and vibrant. With unprecedented events from the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of the world’s population have been stuck indoors. Painted murals of the outdoors, graphic design or random geometric patterns can add personality to your walls. You can incorporate murals in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or even hallways and stairwells. Being cooped up at home can be a more invigorating experience with the enhancement from mural paintings.   

6. Go International

Yes, we all want to travel around the world, and unfortunately, this has been halted for most of us. The solution? Bring distant shores to your own home. Longing for the tropics? Decorate with green, blue and white hues. Incorporate leaf murals on your walls, choose light or white coloured pieces and accentuate with blue pillowcases or curtains. Dreaming of the Mediterranean? Use warm wood and neutral lightweight fabrics, keep paint and furnishing minimal and pops of colour should be incorporated strategically. Think of a place you want to be transported to and bring that place to your home. 

7. Marbling 

Marble has not been on-trend in recent years, and this year it’s making a comeback. You might think that marble is too ornate for your home but you can keep it subtle and modern. You can incorporate marble through accessories and decor. It can be a coffee table like the Saarinen Tulip Coffee Table with a marble top or a lighting fixture like the Arc Marble Floor Lamp with a marble base.   

8. Sculptural Furniture

Organic forms add personality and drama to any space, thus the rise in popularity of sculptural furniture. Unconventional silhouettes and unique curves are the defining characteristics of sculptural furniture. Some examples include the iconic Masters Chair, and for lighting the Artichoke Lamp and the Vertigo Style Ceiling Lamp. Pieces like these draw the eye and bring life to a room. Keep them to a minimum to avoid a disordered look as a sculptural piece can be quite powerful. 

9. Statement Pieces

Statement pieces can mean a statement ceiling, a statement vase or anything in your space designed to be the centre of attention. This trend is popular in 2021 as it provides an interesting and fun look to the room. The statement piece can be used as the basis for how the whole room should be decorated. Don’t shy away from the most outrageous design, a statement piece is meant to attract attention. It doesn’t have to be a functional piece, it can be a decor as well.

10. Multifunctional

The coronavirus pandemic has influenced various trends this year, which is to be expected. Another trend borne out of the recent global events is multifunctional spaces. For those who don’t have home offices, the dining room, living room, or bedroom has become the workplace. The outdoors has been limited to the garden or the balcony. These are the most common examples of how spaces have been transformed to become more functional in most houses due to lockdown restrictions. To create a better multifunctional space, a divider can be added to the bedroom to separate the work desk from the sleeping space, house plants are wonderful additions to the indoor space as well to enjoy nature without having to go outside.

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